KFConsole: the chicken video games that smell like a fake

It looks like an air fryer, promises to heat fried chicken and hides a powerful GPU: KFC Gaming launches its console: a joke or is it all true?

For some time now, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the famous U.S. fast food chain specializing in fried chicken, has been promising to launch on the gaming market one of its consoles. The announcement of KFC gaming finally came and presented the KFConsole, which would be born from the collaboration with Cooler Master and ASUS.

In a post on Twitter the well-known U.S. chain shows a video and announces the arrival of the console, which not only promises exceptional gaming performance, but also the ability to heat up fried chicken ordered right at KFC restaurants. The tweet is accompanied by video and a landing page that describes the respectable features of the console: from the Intel NUC platform to the ASUS video card with Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU. Social users have greeted the announcement with irony, and many find it hard to believe that the gaming console can really heat up some fried chicken, or that it even exists. If, however, it is confirmed, all that remains is to wait for the price and launch date.

KFConsole, the features and the "chicken room"

The features of KFC Gaming's console, at least on paper, are excellent. The console was designed by Cool Master, with a custom NC100 case by Timpelay in the shape of an air fryer, but its heart is the Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element platform, with an ASUS-branded video card and Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU.

Games boot up in seconds and storage space is entrusted to two 1TB Seagate Barracuda SSD drives. The KFConsole is designed to enjoy the world of virtual reality, leveraging ray tracing for realistic light and shadow effects, and offering smooth gameplay thanks to a 240 fps frame rate and support for a 240 Hz refresh rate for 4K resolution displays.

And there's no shortage of chicken chamber either, which uses the heat emitted by the system to heat up fried chicken and enjoy it crispy with every round.

KFConsole: publicity stunt or coming console?

The announcement on Twitter was greeted by users with irony and amusement, and user comments give the impression that it could be just an ad hoc advertising campaign to create an association between fried chicken as a snack and the world of gaming.

There are those who believe that the KFConsole is really in production and that the announcement is just the prelude to a launch now imminent for a console born from the collaboration between KFC, Cooler Master, Intel and ASUS. In this case, one wonders when it will arrive and what the cost will be, but above all the system used by the "chicken chamber" to heat the snack without damaging the console.

The curiosity generated by this announcement is a lot and we just have to wait for further developments to find out if this is a well thought out publicity stunt or a new console ready to challenge Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X.