Kids with cheese in their faces invade the web

Why are kids with cheese in their faces invading the web? It's the Cheese Challenge trend that originated on social media. Find out how it works

The Cheese Challenge is the trend of the moment. The strange fashion, born on Twitter, consists in throwing a slice of cheese on the face of a child. It may seem a bit cruel and useless trend, but the first video published by the profile @unclehxlmes has accumulated millions of views in a few days, triggering a real challenge to shots of sottilette.

Social networks, such as Facebook, Youtube and now Twitter, are among the most popular channels for the dissemination of viral videos, which often have as protagonists small children. These videos guarantee the authors a high and sudden dose of celebrity and trigger a domino effect, pushing other users to take up the original idea and publish a video in their turn. And this is the mechanism linked to the fashion of the moment: the Cheese Challenge is destined to invade our walls for some time to come.

Cheese Challenge: increasing number of videos of children with cheese on their faces

The Cheese Challenge - also known as the Cheesed Challenge - is yet another viral trend that has appeared in recent days on social networks, and specifically on Twitter. The protagonists of the videos are very young children (usually less than two years old) who are filmed in a particular situation. Instead of asking them to pronounce the classic "cheese" before taking the picture, they are suddenly hit in the face with a piece of cheese that sticks to their face, creating a playful effect.

The first video was shared by a young man on his Twitter account. In the footage you can see a hand holding the fateful slice of cheese in a threatening way and approaching a child sitting in a high chair. The little one is a bit scared, but his expression is literally stunned when the hand throws the slice straight at his face. The cheese sticks to the face where it stays for a few seconds, while the baby doesn't know whether to cry or stay still. Later, it was discovered that the author of the video is a boy and that the unfortunate little protagonist is his little brother. The clip lasts only a few seconds, but in a few days it has accumulated more than 8.4 million views. After several indignant comments, and perhaps after a good scolding from the parents, the boy has deleted the video, although by then it had already been downloaded and posted by other users on Youtube and Facebook.

The movie has started a real Cheese Challenge in which people have fun filming and photographing the moment when children receive slices of cheese in the face, capturing their expression. The reactions are quite varied: some are crying their eyes out, others are laughing; several children take the slice with their hand and eat it. In short, after the videos depicting children tasting the lemon for the first time, this is the new fashion of the web involving the youngest. We just have to wait for the next absurd viral trend of social networks.