Kudrone, the drone for selfies as big as the palm of your hand

Launched on Indiegogo to raise the funds needed to start production, Kudrone allows you to take pictures in high definition

The drone industry is constantly evolving and it is impossible to predict what the future holds. However, we know very well what the present offers us, that is to say, many quadricopters with completely different characteristics and functionalities.

From taxi-drones that promise to revolutionize traffic and transport any person from one part of the city to the mini-drones as big as the palm of your hand, the step can be very short. The drone market offers so many different opportunities, it all depends on the person's needs. If you're looking for a quadricopter that's easy to fly and that allows you to record video and take high-quality photos, one of the best solutions could be Kudrone, an aircraft made by a Chinese startup and launched on Indiegogo in search of funds to start production.

The features of Kudrone

One of the features that immediately jumps out at you is Kudrone's size: the quadricopter is as big as the palm of your hand. The small size is not a problem as far as the stability of the aircraft is concerned: in fact, it has been made to stay airborne even in windy situations. Moreover, the materials used are of excellent quality. The other feature that differentiates Kudrone from other drones on the market is definitely the ability to take pictures in high definition and record videos in 4K. The Chinese startup has mounted on the drone a camera with very interesting features that allows you to take selfies in the strangest positions.

Autonomy and GPS

Another problem characteristic of drones is the low autonomy. Only the largest and most powerful models manage to get about 30 minutes of flight time, while smaller models like Kudrone do not exceed 10 minutes. The Chinese startup has remedied the problem by making a set of interchangeable batteries that will allow you to keep flying even when the first battery has run out.

Usually, mini-drones don't have GPS. Kudrone, on the other hand, has GPS and thanks to the Bluetooth connection, it communicates with the smartphone and manages to follow the user in every movement. In addition, photos and videos sync instantly with your smartphone and you can share them with your friends via social platforms or instant messaging apps.

Price and Availability

Kudrone is very easy to drive and doesn't require much experience. The quadcopter available on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for $129 (about 120 euros) and shipments will begin in July. It can also be purchased in Italy.