Kuri, the smart home robot that recognizes people

Kuri the robot from startup Mayfield Robotics was a big hit at CES 2017 and will now get new features such as face recognition

Kuri, the cute home robot presented by Bosch at CES 2017, continues its growth phase by integrating new features. The little robotic personal assistant had received several praises in Las Vegas and it seems that it will be available for pre-order as early as the end of this year.

One of Kuri's new features involves face recognition that allows it to adapt responses based on people. So with mom, dad or grandpa, it will have a certain tone while with children it will use a different one. But it can also smile at you if it sees you happy and look you in the eye when you talk to it while asking a question. It is a great step forward to make the robot more harmonious and a bearer of happy feelings within a family environment. His vocabulary has been updated with different phrases to respond to "I love you" or "Let's go to sleep".

The robot with a soft heart

(Taken from press release)

Kuri is a cute and cuddly robot. He responds to sweet phrases with light play and happy faces. The goal of Mayfield Robotics, the in-house startup created by Bosch, is to create a robot that can be seen as "one of the family". It's no coincidence that the developers have worked hard on the robot's eye lenses, which, in order to look as realistic as possible, reflect light in a natural way, giving Kuri a human trait. However, the company is still improving the robot's machine learning as well as its vocabulary in various languages. The impression is that the launch will coincide with the upcoming holiday season.

Price and pre-order

Kuri could become available for pre-order soon. The price of Kuri could be more than 600 euros.

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