La Casa di Carta 5: Berlin confirmed

Pedro Alonso's selfie has thrilled the audience: one of the most complex and beloved characters of the Spanish TV series is back on set. Here are the details

The filming of La Casa di Carta 5 has officially begun and gradually anticipations are released about the cast, characters and plot. The news are made public mainly thanks to social networks, where the actors are particularly active and in some cases manage to create more anticipation than the production itself.

In these days, a new photo published by Pedro Alonso has excited fans. In fact, it was he himself who revealed that he will play Berlin once again and he did it through his Instagram profile. All it took was a photograph in front of the studios and a caption of a few lines to generate enthusiasm. The content has begun to make the rounds of the network and of course there has been no lack of speculation about the reason for his return to the TV series. In fact, remember that the character played by the Spanish actor died at the end of the second part, just before the gang escaped from the State Mint.

The House of Paper 5: new photo of Berlin on the set

Pedro Alonso has posted on his Instagram profile a selfie where you can glimpse a building. It is he himself to motivate that photograph: that behind him is the set of La Casa di Carta 5 and he is ready to dress again the role of Berlin, eclectic character of the Spanish TV series. Although he has been dead for a long time, he is still one of the most beloved and important characters for the development of the plot. In the post he writes: "I just cut my hair and tried on clothes. Everyone was wearing masks. It looked like the Pentagon. The thing is, soon I will be him again. It's called Berlin and it's pure love. Sometimes."

In short, Berlin is about to return to the set and that doesn't come as much of a surprise. The audience is already accustomed to his returns in the form of flashbacks, within the dreams and memories of the different characters. Surely his interpretation will allow to clarify some elements of the plot. Let's not forget that he is the brother of the Professor, the leader of the gang, but also the one who planned the heist to steal the gold in the Bank of Spain, the one in which his companions are engaged in the last season released on Netflix.

At this heist, moreover, also participates his best friend, Palermo, who is secretly in love with him. Not to mention that Berlin has a special relationship with Sergio Marquina, the Professor is his brother. In short, it is not a role from which to untie so easily. Already in the last season we have seen several episodes focused on the character. For example, in one episode Berlin gets married to his girlfriend Tatiana, who many fans assumed was Alicia Sierra. Others, however, think that the Professor, Berlin and the evil detective are actually brothers. Surely in the fifth season we will find out the truth.

When La Casa di Carta 5 comes out

The release of the new episodes has been delayed by the release of Covid-19. Filming began just a few weeks ago and there are already several backstage videos circulating on the web. In addition, Alex Pina, creator of the TV series, has posted on Instagram a picture in which he announces that he is busy writing the next episodes.

So this is an evolving TV series and not even the actors know exactly what their fate is. Not to mention that the pandemic has forced the crew to apply strict anti-county measures and this could slow down the work even further. In light of this, we'll likely see the fifth season of The Paper House in the summer of 2021. But for now, you can stream all previous seasons on Netflix.