La Casa di Carta 5, filming has begun: here are the first images

The filming of La Casa di Carta 5 has begun. Berlin roams the streets of Copenhagen: first videos and photos from the set of the Spanish TV series

Now the anticipations about La Casa di Carta 5 are non-stop. After the announcement of two new characters who will join the cast, here come the first photographs of the shooting. The setting is unprecedented, we are in fact in Copenhagen and this makes us think that the new episodes will reveal something surprising about the past of the gang.

The set was stormed by fans, curious to peek at the actors and the whole crew at work. So many of them took the opportunity to take pictures and make videos, which quickly spread on the net. In the first leaked images you can see Pedro Alonso, the actor who plays Berlin, along with one of the new actors of the TV series, or Patrick Criado, of which we still know very little. The photographs are a handful, but they are enough to arouse the curiosity of the many fans of the TV series. On the set also other actors already known to the public.

Shooting of La Casa di Carta 5: the news

Berlin wanders through the streets of Copenhagen: these are the first images beyond the Spanish borders leaked from La Casa di Carta 5. Netflix had announced that filming would also begin this week outside of Spain, and so it has. Previously we had seen a video in which Nairobi was also present. But now it's officially filming in the Danish capital, which has been invaded by photographers and fans who have taken several pictures.

The first two photos have been released by, the website of Danish public television and show Pedro Alonso and Patrick Criado, the new entry of the TV series, dressed in clothes of the past, intent on chatting in Nyhavn, that is the ancient port of the city. Surely the scenes that are being shot represent flashbacks, that is, past moments related to life in Berlin. The character, despite being deceased in the first season, plays an important role in the following ones. In fact, he is the one who planned the heist at the Bank of Spain.

La Casa di Carta 5: other actors in Copenhagen

From the numerous photographs and videos circulated on social networks, we notice that on the set are also Diana Gómez, who plays Tatiana Berlin's wife, and Luka Peros, who instead is Marseille in the TV series. She walks along with a beautiful Dalmatian and heads with confident step towards Berlin.

Finally we will know a little more about the Berlin wedding and maybe we will understand better who Tatiana is. In fact, several rumors related to her identity circulated months ago. One period it was speculated that the young wife could actually be Alicia Sierra, an unscrupulous inspector played by Nawja Nimri. Later, it was thought that Berlin, the Professor and Alicia were actually brothers. However, to know exactly what is the connection between the three of them we will have to wait for the next and final season.

In the meantime, you can go through all the intricate events of the TV series by watching the previous seasons of The House of Paper on Netflix.