La Casa di Carta 5 filming has begun, the first backstage videos appear

Two beloved characters from La Casa di Carta 5 are shown in an unreleased backstage video: who are they and why are they important to the plot? Here are the previews

The filming of La Casa di Carta 5 has officially begun and unreleased backstage videos are starting to circulate on Instagram. In one of the last shows two characters of the series laughing and joking during what seems to be a break on the set.

And these few details are enough to rekindle in fans the hope of seeing them again in the fifth season. We remember in fact that, despite the fact that they are both dead in the TV series, they remain among the most loved by the public. For this reason we could see them again in the next episodes. On the other hand, the TV series has already accustomed us to various flashbacks that bring into play even those who are no longer there. Not to mention that the stories about the past can often offer more details to understand the plot. But who are the two characters shown in the unreleased video? And why will their presence make the episodes coming in 2021 more interesting? Here are the clues.

La Casa di Carta 5: unreleased video with Berlin and Nairobi

Yes, it's them: Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and Nairobi (Alba Flores), the two characters who appear in an unreleased video from the backstage of La Casa di Carta 5. The clip was published by the Turkish fan-account @lacasadepapelo and shows the two actors laughing and joking in a park together with the Professor (Álvaro Morte) and Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó). It could be an informal meeting between the three, who in reality are friends or a preview of the fifth season.

In the video, Pedro Alonso does some exercises while Alba Flores, Alvaro Morte and Úrsula Corberó laugh in the background, only to be framed for a few seconds. These few seconds are enough to raise a question: will we see Nairobi and Berlin again in the next episodes of the series?

La Casa di Carta 5: Nairobi's word

The death of Nairobi's character happened in the fourth season and it was a trauma for the whole audience. She was one of the most beloved, almost untouchable and her departure happened suddenly leaving everyone speechless. Alba Flores commented on this choice: "It was a cruel but necessary ending. Since I had to shoot it, I experienced it differently. But if I look at it from a distance, it overwhelms me. It was difficult but it served to say something that has to do with injustice."

Despite her death, however, we may see her again in future episodes, perhaps within a thought, dream or flashback. The team of creators led by Álex Pina has already accustomed us to great returns, such as the one in Oslo or Berlin. Maybe it could serve to better understand aspects of the plot. The actress herself has spoken about her possible return in season five: "I wouldn't be surprised. House of Cards has done that with different characters, like Oslo. So it wouldn't be anything strange."

Will we see Berlin again in La Casa di Carta 5?

A few weeks ago, Pedro Alonso officially announced that he would be participating in the filming of the new episodes. In fact, the cast of the TV series has reunited after months of stop due to Covid-19 and just in these weeks is working on the fifth season. He will probably be the protagonist of several flashbacks that will better explain the relationship between the brothers, Andrés or Berlin and Sergio, who in the gang is the Professor.

The actor has even shared on Instagram a picture that shows him near the recording studios accompanied by an ironic comment, tracing the style of the character loved by the public: "I just cut my hair and tried on clothes. Everyone was wearing masks. It looked like the Pentagon. The thing is, I'm going to be him again soon. It's called Berlin and it's pure love. Sometimes."

To see what role Nairobi and Berlin will play and how the new episodes will evolve, all we have to do is wait for La Casa di Carta 5 on Netflix. By now, it is very close to the release, which is scheduled for spring 2021. In the meantime, fans can review the episodes of the first four seasons on Netflix, you must however be a subscriber and use one of the devices supported by the platform.