La Casa di Carta 5, the latest news about the new season

The filming of La Casa di Carta 5 could start by the end of the year, while the TV series is expected to be released in the spring of 2021

The release of the new season of La Casa di Carta is still many months away (we're talking about the second quarter of 2021), but rumors continue to inflame the hearts of fans. Officially, the fifth part of the TV series has not yet been confirmed by Netflix, but it seems impossible that the TV platform would want to decide to discontinue it, especially after The House of Paper has become the most watched content ever.

Also, the end of the fourth season has left the plot open to any development. What is "The Paris Plan?" What will The Professor do now that Alice Sierra has discovered it? Most importantly, who is Alice Sierra? All questions that the fifth part of The House of Paper will try to answer. In recent days, some alleged videos have surfaced online with some shots of La Casa di Carta 5. Very short videos, but they have created a big stir. Many have thought that they were real shots of the set, but in fact they are fake videos.

The explosion of Covid-19, in fact, has not yet allowed the production to begin recording the new episodes. And, also, the official renewal from Netflix for the fifth part of The House of Paper has not yet arrived. Renewal that, however, will only be a formality. According to the well-informed, in fact, the TV series should be renewed for two more seasons.

La Casa di Carta 5, when will the filming begin

Alex Pina, the mastermind who created the most important television phenomenon of recent years, has assured that he is already working on the script for the fifth season. This bodes well for both the renewal and the start of filming. Shootings that without the explosion of the global pandemic would have already started, but have been postponed to a date to be determined.

Now that even in Spain is returning to everyday life, it is likely that the production puts in calendar also the beginning of shooting. The most likely hypothesis is that the green light will be given for next autumn, between October and November.

La Casa di Carta 5, attention to fake videos

The publication of alleged videos "stolen" from the set of La Casa di Carta 5 has made a lot of talk in recent weeks. Everything was born from some videos posted on YouTube on the page "Ursula Tokyo" and many have thought they were real. In reality, they are just fake videos: as we have just explained, the filming of the new season has not yet begun.

When does La Casa di Carta 5

It is difficult to make predictions about the release of the fifth part of the TV series. The most probable hypothesis is between April and June 2021, but much will depend on when filming will begin.

How to watch La Casa di Carta

Fans can watch La Casa di Carta streaming on Netflix: all episodes of the four seasons are available on the video streaming platform. To watch them, however, you need to be a subscriber and use one of the devices supported by Netflix (smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, smart TVs).

Opening the Netflix app, you have to press on the banner dedicated to the TV series and a tab will open where you can choose which episode and which season to review. You can also decide to stream La Casa di Carta in its original language to improve your Spanish.