La casa di carta 5: the Professor’s touching farewell

Alvaro Morte posts a touching video on Instagram and accompanies it with a message for "his" Professor. Here are all the details.

The filming of the fifth and final season of The House of Paper is now winding down and the actors are saying goodbye to their characters with messages full of emotion. After Miguel Herrán, interpreter of Rio, now it is time for a great protagonist of the story, namely Alvaro Morte, who since the first season has played the role of the Professor, the leader of the gang.

The farewell came in the evening on Instagram, in a very spectacular way. In fact, the actor has posted a video of him in a car as he leaves the set. His face will remain in the minds of the public, who will hardly untie him from the famous Professor. So, gradually, all the actors are bidding farewell to one of the most important series of recent years. In the meantime, Netflix lets it be known that by now there is very little left: we will see the final season within a few months. So, despite the many interruptions caused by the pandemic, the audience will finally be able to enjoy the final chapter.

The House of Paper 5: Alvaro Morte's farewell to his character

Spanish actor Alvaro Morte has finished filming the fifth season of The House of Paper, the Iberian TV series that has conquered the whole world. He is one of the main protagonists and played a decisive role in the entire plot, so his message was among the most awaited by the public. Alvaro Morte posted on Instagram a very emotional video, which sees him walking away from the set car for the last time; the actor appears visibly moved.

These are his words, accompanying the post:

"Leaving for the last time the set of The House of Paper, words are superfluous. I am grateful to everyone, for everything. To the fans (the first ones of course) and the entire Vancouver and Netflix team. And to you, dear Professor. I will miss having so much fun with you, thank you."

Few words, but full of meaning. After all, the series came out in 2017 and he has participated in it since the first season, in the role of absolute protagonist. In fact, Alvaro Morte played the role of Sergio Marquina, a shy but very intelligent man, nicknamed the Professor. He, along with his brother Berlin (played by Pedro Alonso) had planned the hits, first at the State Mint and then at the Bank of Spain.

The video posted by Alvaro Morte on Instagram has gained over 2 million views in a few hours. There was no shortage of emotional comments, compliments and greetings from many of his fellow adventurers, from Najwa Nimri toEsther Acebo, to his friend Pedro Alonso. The latter commented thus "What a wonderful journey, Alvaro!"

Before him, Miguel Herràn had also posted on Instagram the farewell to the character Rio, a young man who for five seasons has fought for his gang, has fallen in love, has been tortured and has really suffered everything. After all, one of the strengths of the series is precisely the characterization of each character.

When does The House of Paper 5 come out

The release of The House of Paper 5 was originally expected on April 7, but Netflix did not put it on the calendar for that month. We know that filming began in August 2020, but due to the pandemic, it has been interrupted numerous times. Now, however, all the actors are finally wrapping up their work and Netflix has revealed that we will see the fifth and final season of The Paper House by 2021.