La Casa di Carta 5, who are the two new actors

The cast of the Spanish TV series is enriched with two new male faces: what role will they play and what have they done so far? Here's who are the two actors of the fifth season

Alex Pina, the creator of La Casa di Carta, warned us: the fifth season will be the most adrenaline-filled ever. And the latest rumors about the Spanish TV series seem to just confirm this promise. In fact, in the last few hours has been announced the entry of two new male characters.

One of the two is a face already known, in fact he has participated in several international TV series, such as Sens8 and Narcos. The second instead is hunting for consecration outside the borders of the Iberian Peninsula. Of course we still do not know exactly what will be the role of the two characters, probably will be part of the gang of criminals, but nothing is sure for the moment. Surely it will be worth to understand it and follow the new episodes, also because Netflix has announced that the fifth season will also be the last. Will they be able to make us forget - even for a moment - the departure of Nairobi, Berlin and the others? We'll see. In the meantime, let's get to know them better.

La Casa di Carta 5: Who is Miguel Angel Silvestre?

Many have known him for his co-starring role in the TV series Sens8, where he played Lito Rodriguez, but actor Miguel Angel Silvestre actually has a long resume behind him. In fact, he has participated in national and international productions. Surely his handsome and impossible appearance will influence his interpretation in the Spanish TV series. Although the level of curiosity about his role is high, we still don't know anything: will he or won't he be part of the gang led by the Professor? It seems almost obvious, but never say the last word, in fact it could be a new enemy. So let's wait for the official plot of La Casa di Carta 5.

La Casa di Carta 5: welcome Patrick Criado

The second new character in the Spanish TV series is younger and unknown, but he shows great promise. His name is Patrick Criado and he's a well-known face to Spanish audiences, in fact he's participated in several successful TV series such as Águila Roja and Mar de Plástico and won several awards, such as the Goya Award (the Spanish Oscars) as best emerging actor. Unlike Silvestre, Criado has been acting since he was a child: he got his first role when he was 10 years old and then graduated in cinema.

When will La Casa di Carta 5 be released?

To see the two new characters we will have to wait several months, in fact the filming of the last season has just started and will last for several weeks. Moreover, the episodes will not only be shot in Spain, but also in Denmark and Portugal, which will further lengthen the time. In all likelihood we will have to wait until 2021 to see the fifth and final season. In the meantime, however, we can review the episodes already released on Netflix, just connect to a smart TV or other enabled device and enjoy the adventures of the gang led by the Professor.