La Casa di Carta 5 will be the last season

La Casa di Carta 5 could be the last season of the Spanish TV series. There is no official confirmation yet, but all the clues lead to the same conclusion

The message with which Netflix announced the arrival of Part 5 of La Casa di Carta has left fans a little bit speechless. Especially for the words used: "Part 5: the hit comes to an end". Words that do not leave much room for imagination: the next season will most likely be the last for the House of Paper. Although there is no official announcement and surprises are always ready around the corner, it seems almost obvious that with La Casa di Carta 5 we'll say goodbye to the Professor's gang.

Indiscretions to that effect also come from several online sources, sure that the next will be the last season of the TV series. So we have to get ready for a season that will dissolve all the doubts, that will make us understand what the Paris Plan is and above all will give us some answers to the questions left unsolved. For example: who is Alicia Sierra? Is she related to The Professor? And what will she do now that she has discovered his hiding place? Not to miss anything, Netflix also announced the arrival of two other actors: Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. It is not yet known very well their role, but at least one of the two will play the role of the antagonist. An enemy that swear the producers "will be on the same level as the Professor".

La Casa di Carta 5, plot previews

The fifth season of Casa di Carta will be the "most exciting and epic ever". The words are from Alex Pina, the creator and screenwriter of the TV series, who used them to comment on the officialization of Part 5. In this final season, the Professor's gang will be put to the test and everyone will be forced to make quick decisions in terrible situations. And even one mistake could screw up the entire heist. How will they get out of the Bank of Spain? And what role will Manila, the character introduced in the final episodes of season four, play? The anticipations on the plot of La Casa di Carta 5 are still few, but the sure thing is that the last season will be something epic.

When does the filming of La Casa di Carta 5 begin

Important news also regarding the start of work for filming. They should begin on August 3, last a few months and go a little slow because of the rules to be respected for the Covid-19. Three countries will be involved in the filming: Spain, Denmark and Portugal.

When does the House of Paper Part 5 come out

There is no official date yet. Filming, as we just mentioned, should start on August 3 and last a few months. Then work will begin on post-production, which could take the crew at least another couple of months. The most likely scenario for the release of The Paper House 5 is the summer of 2021.