La Casa di Carta and Netflix series on Vodafone Tv: what’s changing

Vodafone and Netflix make an agreement and launch a convergent subscription: a single bill for Internet, fixed and mobile, and streaming content such as La Casa di Carta.

If there is a series that has become an icon, it is certainly La Casa di Carta. If there's one series that for many, alone, is worth a monthly Netflix subscription, it's still The House of Paper. And, now, there's one more way to watch this series because the Netflix subscription has been included in the Vodafone Family Plan offer.

The Italian operator has in fact made an agreement with the American platform that will allow users to manage, with a single invoice, the subscription to fixed Internet, mobile and streaming content. All in order to allow Vodafone TV subscribers to enjoy their Netflix subscription (even of a subscription already stipulated) in a more convenient way, even through the operator's TV box. This is a hybrid box, already available for Vodafone customers, thanks to which you can also use the apps of other streaming platforms such as DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or NOW. The difference, compared to before, is in the simplification of bills for those who are subscribed to both Vodafone TV and Netflix: these users will now receive a single bill and make a single monthly payment.

Vodafone TV Box: how it works

The Vodafone TV Box is a hybrid device: it can decode the digital terrestrial TV signal (it is compatible with the next generation DVB-T2) and can be connected to the Internet to receive streaming content. It can also handle 4K video streams, transmitted on both distribution channels.

The box is complemented by the app for smartphones and tablets, both iOS and Android, through which we can basically replicate the TV experience obtained at home with the box: for example, we can use it to watch on smartphones the recordings made with the TV Box, or to decide from smartphone what to watch and then project it on the TV screen.

From the app it is also possible to access on-demand content (including La Casa di Carta on Netflix), which of course varies according to the subscriptions subscribed by the user.

Netflix on Vodafone TV: when it arrives

The joint offer of Vodafone and Netflix is triggered from September 1, 2021, just in time to see the fifth season of La Casa di Carta (which starts on September 3).

The activation of Vodafone TV with the box is optional, while those who are already Netflix customers will simply be able to bring their account under the joint plan while keeping all their data and history.