La casa di carta: cosa sapere prima di guardare il finale

Ci siamo, ancora qualche giorno e finalmente scopriremo cosa ci riserva l’ultimo capitolo della casa di carta.

Manca davvero pochissimo al grande finale di stagione: due giorni e sarà disponibile il Volume I della casa di carta cinque. La curiosità è stata aumentata da teaser e trailer che in queste settimane non hanno fatto altro che incrementare la curiosità e l’attesa. Il gruppo riuscirà a salvarsi? Poche ore e inizia la guerra, degli ascolti e delle fazioni: banditi o esercito.

Tutto ha una fine, persino la fortunata serie creata da Alex Pina si appresta al suo epilogo. La casa di carta 5 sarà online, con i primi episodi, il 3 settembre. La produzione di Netflix ha deciso di rilasciare fin da subito tutte e cinque le puntate che da tempo sappiamo essere d’azione con rocamboleschi cambi di scena e l’ingresso di un nuovo protagonista: l’esercito. Tokyo and colleagues have been inside the Bank for 100 hours, very hard, the police have killed Nairobi and they are all at the end of their nerves. Once again they will have to resist. There are good guys and bad guys, far from the stereotypes we are used to, and also the viewer will once again have to choose sides in this end of season that has extraordinary.

The House of Paper 5

We know everything about the House of Paper 5. We know what were the most complex scenes to shoot and we have in mind the mistakes that intentionally or unintentionally made the authors. We know what influenced the screenplay and the original idea of this series, but what we still don't know for sure is if the Professor and the gang will be saved once again.

We are now in the second robbery and what happened at the State Mint seems like a piece of cake compared to the tension, problems and a thousand difficulties that dismantled the Professor's castles in the air. Sierra, the tenacious policewoman recently fired, has found the Professor's hiding place and keeps him in check, bound in chains. No telling which and whether one of her genius ideas will come along to save everyone from the army.

Nairobi's death at the end of season four has devastated them, but it has also given them just enough desperation to fight and not give up.

The Revolutionary Dream

We'll get involved in a war and see if the revolutionary dream that makes the Professor and the gang iconic Robin Hoods comes true.

There are several questions and the road to the dream coming true. Lisbon, released by the police and joining the group inside the Bank, is she always on the side of the good guys or part of an adverse plan? Will the Professor be able to save himself and everything with a flash of wit?

All the protagonists are there again for this grand finale: The Professor played by Alvaro Morte, Tokyo has the face of the beautiful Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño plays Lisbon, Rio is played by Miguel Herrán and Denver has the face of Jaime Lorente. Stockholm is played by the beautiful Esther Acebo while in the role of Helsinki there will be Darko Peric, and Arturo Román has the face of  Enrique Alce. Somehow, with flahbacks, perhaps, we will see Nairobi and Berlin again. The curiosity to see the two new entries at work is great: what will Miguel Ángel Silvestre, who we know from Sense 8, and the very young Patrick Criado do?

Only a few more hours and the wait will be over.