La Casa di Carta: the words of the protagonists at Trio Medusa

The actors of Arturo, Berlin and Manila, guests on Trio Medusa's radio show, talked about the finale of La casa di carta: here are their revelations

The next five episodes of La casa di carta will be released on Friday, December 3, 2021 on Netflix, thus putting the word "end" to one of the most popular TV series of recent years. To celebrate the final chapter, the actors are participating in numerous radio and TV programs, a golden opportunity to greet fans and make some revelations about the show.

Some of the performers were also invited to the radio program conducted by Trio Medusa on Radio Deejay and they enjoyed telling some anecdotes related to the set and make some interesting statements about the final chapter of the Spanish TV series. Specifically, the Trio hosted Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, Enrique Arce (Arturito) and Belén Cuesta (Manila). They arrived in Rome to present the latest episodes and to participate in some events that were also ideal to pay homage to the Italian fans, so dear to the production. Here's what they said to the radio microphones.

The success of La casa di carta: a word from Enrique Arce

Among the guests of the Trio Medusa there was also the hated Arturito, who in the series plays one of the main rivals of the gang led by the Professor. In reality, his name is Enrique Arce and he is a famous Spanish actor. He himself intervened explaining the success of The House of Paper. According to the actor, it is due to a perfect mixture of genres, specifically the South American telenovela and the American heist genre. In a nutshell, the popularity is due to a brilliant mix of action and telenovela.

Berlin: an unforgettable character

Also Pedro Alonso spoke about "his" Berlin. The character, despite having died in The House of Paper - Part 2, plays a key role throughout the series and is one of the most beloved by the audience.

According to Alonso, his character has many qualities, first of all that of breaking every scheme: he is tender and at the same time unscrupulous, he is easily hated but at one point he sacrifices himself for his whole team. Not to mention that he played a key role in the planning of the robberies and is very close to the Professor.

Alonso emphasized how Berlin is the emblem of the contemporary TV character: he's not a villain, but not a good one either, he's not a hero, but he's not the villain par excellence either. By now, even the characters in the series no longer have clear-cut outlines, which makes them very interesting and unpredictable.

Alonso is so attached to his role and to the whole Spanish show that on the last day he let himself go to a liberating and nostalgic cry.

The House of Paper: spoilers forbidden

Belén Cuesta talked about the spoilers that are very forbidden. In fact, since the first season any anticipation of La casa di carta is reported immediately in magazines, social and other channels. So the production has always been very careful to avoid leaks.

The actress said that letting a spoiler slip is very dangerous, also because you even pay a penalty. She also added that she will miss the TV series a lot, except for a few details, "I won't miss the physical pain, because it's a series that requires a lot of action, we got injuries. I won't even miss the Dali mask: it hurts, it gets nailed to the face. But I will miss all the people."

Finally, there was a clear reference to "Bella Ciao", the emblematic song of The House of Paper, taken from the Italian tradition. The actors revealed that it was chosen by Javier Gómez Santander, one of the writers of the series.

While writing part of the second season and listening to music, his playlist started playing Bella Ciao and right at that moment he thought it was a perfect song for La casa di carta, so he decided to put it in the script.