La posta elettronica certificata sarà valida in tutta Europa

L’Agenzia per l’Italia digitale (AgID) fa un ulteriore passo avanti sulla PEC: stabiliti i criteri che deve avere per essere valida in tutta Europa.


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La posta elettronica certificata è uno strumento digitale il cui uso in Italia negli ultimi anni è cresciuta esponenzialmente. This is because a PEC offers so many advantages: the legal value of a registered letter with return receipt, saving time, paper and reducing emissions.

To date, however, Italian PEC boxes are only valid in our territory, but thanks to the new document published by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) on June 14, now certified e-mail is preparing to see its validity extended throughout Europe. The document released by AgID sets out what are the official criteria for adopting the first interoperable eDelivery scheme, so that it complies with the criteria set by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). This implies that an Italian user who has a PEC enabled to the new criteria, will be able to use certified email to send communications that have legal value in other European countries. A good reason to open your own PEC, choosing between the various providers such as Libero Mail Pec, available both for private customers and for professionals and companies.

European PEC: the AgID document

On June 14, AgID published the document REM SERVICES - Criteria for the adoption of ETSI standards - Policy IT 1.0, which formalized the criteria for the adoption of an interoperable scheme that makes the Italian PEC boxes valid in the rest of Europe.

In particular, the document contains the technical rules of the new qualified certified delivery service compliant with the eIDAS regulation and the REM standard, the implementation guidelines and the definition of the REM Interoperability Domain IT, that is the Italian trust domain policy subject to the governance of AgID.

European PEC: interoperability tests

After the criteria have been set, the phase of interoperability tests on the REM standard organized by ETSI, the international body that establishes the technical standards in the telecommunications sector at European level, has begun. At the moment the tests involve 40 subjects, 15 European countries, 4 countries from the rest of the world and 5 governmental institutions and are organized by AgID, AssoCertificatori and Uninfo.

When they will be completed and the final version of the ETSI standards will be published, then it will be possible to guarantee a secure dialogue between the operators that offer the certified e-mail service, thus allowing its use at European level, both between private citizens and companies and institutions.

PEC: all the advantages for individuals and businesses

Since the introduction of PEC in Italy, its potential has been understood and the number of boxes has rapidly increased. Certified e-mail offers many advantages, which do not stop at the legal validity equal to that of a registered letter. The use of this digital tool has allowed to save in 2019 as much as 78,000 tons of CO2, reducing emissions related to the movement to and from the post office, as well as the transfer of paper mail between different destinations.

Not only less polluting emissions, but also an effective saving for those who choose to have a PEC box: for example, at the price of just 14.99 euros per year with PEC Family by Libero you will have 1 GB of storage space and the ability to send an unlimited number of registered mail. A significant saving, if you consider that a single registered mail has a cost that starts from 5.40 euros. For professionals and businesses that need unlimited storage space, there is instead Libero PEC Unlimited for only 30 euros per year plus VAT.