La Templanza: the new Spanish series Amazon Original

It is a romantic drama, inspired by the novel by María Dueñas. Available from March 26. Here's the plot, cast, and release.

In recent years, Spanish streaming TV series have been a huge success. From La Casa di Carta to Vis a Vis to Élite, these are just a few examples, all available on Netflix. But now, Amazon Prime Video is entering the playing field with a new title.

La Templanza is the Spanish Amazon Original series, coming to the platform on March 26. It is based on the novel by María Dueñas. It is a costume drama, set in the 19th century. The audience will know two worlds, two totally different people, who will end up getting closer and closer. The solemn and romantic touch will not lack. This is not the first Spanish TV series produced by Amazon: remember that it has already proposed El Cid, obtaining a discreet following. Confirming that the shows coming from the Iberian Peninsula are particularly lucky. La Templanza also allows us to know different locations: it is filmed between Tenerife, Madrid, Toledo, Cadiz and even Dublin and can count on an international cast. All that remains is to know the details.

What is the TV series La Templanza about: the plot

The TV series La Templanza is set in the late 1800s between Latin America and England. It tells the story of Mauro Larrea and Soledad Montalvo, two self-made people, apparently different from each other, who meet in an unpredictable way and end up getting closer and closer.

Between drama, historical hints and romance, La Templanza takes the audience to discover different environments: the English high society, the Mexican mining communities, arriving at the slave trade and Cuba.

Georgia Brown, Director of European Amazon Original Series, Amazon Studios, had this to say about the project:

"La Templanza is an elegant series that captures the viewer's attention and immerses them in an unparalleled journey. It has been a fantastic experience to adapt such a successful novel with author María Dueñas, as well as with our partners Buendía Estudios and Boomerang TV, to bring this story to our Prime customers around the world."

TV series La Templanza: cast

The two main characters are played by Leonor Watling, as Soledad Montalvo and Rafael Novoa, as Mauro Larrea.

The choral cast is made up of more than 130 actors from around the world, among them are Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Juana Acosta, Esmeralda Pimentel, Nathaniel Parker, Alejandro de la Madrid and Raúl Briones.

La Templanza: release

The first season of the TV series is composed of 10 episodes of 50 minutes each. It will be available starting March 26 for all Amazon Prime Video subscribers, in more than 240 countries at the same time. Simultaneously on Netflix will be released the new series from the creators of The House of Paper, Sky Rojo.