Landscapers: Olivia Colman stars in a new TV series

The mini-series is inspired by a 1998 news story and stars Olivia Colman and David Thewlis. Here are the details

Landscapers is about to make its debut in Italy: the new mini-series born from the collaboration between HBO and Sky features two exceptional actors, OscarĀ Olivia Colman, one of the main faces of The Crown, and David Thewlis, interpreter of many films including Fargo. The show is inspired by a real-life crime story from 1998.

That year, Susan and Christopher Edwards murdered their parents, Patricia and William Wycherley, by burying them in the garden of their Nottingham mansion. For 15 years, they scammed the remaining family members into believing the victims were still alive. They were not convicted until 2014. Consisting of four episodes, the series is inspired by the story, telling the strange relationship of the couple who for years lived in a kind of imaginary world, to cover the tragedy and the resulting guilt. The show is created and written by Ed Sinclair, struggling with his first script for the small screen, and directed by Will Sharpe. Here's the plot, cast and release news.

Landscapers: plot

Landscapers explores the world of two main characters Susan and Christopher. The couple shelters themselves from the tragic reality using dreams and imagination. However, this contrivance is in danger of collapsing because of a terrible past that concerns them.

They have friendly manners and are therefore unsuspected, but the reality is that they have been running from a terrible secret for 15 years: the murder of Patricia and William Wycherley, buried in the garden of their home. One day Christopher makes a phone call to his adoptive mother and confesses to the crime carried out by him and Susan many years ago. The investigation begins but the two imagine they are the protagonists of a fantastic story, Hollywood style. Their fantasy is fueled by Susan's passion for westerns. A tragic, sometimes even comic and romantic series is about to land on Sky and NOW.

Landscapers: cast and release date

In addition to Olivia Colman and David Thewlis, who play Susan and Christoper respectively, the cast includes many internationally renowned actors: Kate O'Flynn, Dipo Ola, Samuel Anderson, David Hayman, Felicity Montagu and Daniel Rigby.

Landscapers will arrive on Sky Atlantic but you can also watch it streaming on NOW by the end of 2021. The official date has not yet been announced.

The series was commissioned by Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content, Sky UK and Ireland, while Serena Thompson is the executive producer on behalf of Sky Studios. It is being produced by SISTER, in association with South of the River Pictures, the new production company set up by Olivia Colman and her husband Ed Sinclair, for Sky Studios and HBO.