L’app di Tidal arriva su WebOS: musica HiFi sulle TV LG

La piattaforma di musica in streaming in altissima qualità Tidal è ora disponibile per il sistema operativo delle smart TV di LG e altri noti produttori.

Buone notizie per gli amanti della musica che hanno una Smart TV LG recente: Tidal, piattaforma globale che trasmette musica in streaming ad altissima qualità, è ora disponibile tramite l’apposita app su tutte le TV dotate di WebOS da 4.0 a 6.0, cioè i modelli prodotti dal costruttore coreano dal 2018 al 2021.

Gli abbonati a questa piattaforma, quindi, hanno ora un device in più tramite cui ascoltare la musica e vedere i contenuti video musicali trasmessi da Tidal. Si tratta di oltre 70 milioni di tracce audio e circa 250 mila video senza pubblicità, oltre a diverse stazioni radio e playlist per genere, artista e tema tutte curate da un team editoriale e non selezionate da un algoritmo. This is a niche offer, for high quality music lovers who will appreciate the coupling between the audio stream without compression of Tidal and the speakers or soundbars of the Korean brand.

What is Tidal

Tidal is a music streaming service for audiophiles, little known compared to the more popular Spotify or Amazon Music, and based on a codec type "loseless". That is, without data loss: the music is transferred in digital format without any compromise from the quality point of view.

The platform is in monthly subscription, at a cost of 9.99 euros per month (19.99 for the HiFi subscription), and transmits without advertising interruptions also allowing the download of tracks for offline listening, in case of lack of connection or poor connection (the loseless format is much heavier in terms of data to be transmitted and you can get almost 10 mega per second).

Not just on LG TVs

The Tidal app is now available for televisions running the WebOS operating system, starting with version 4.0. WebOS is the operating system for LG TVs, but we'll soon find it on many TVs from other manufacturers. In January 2021, in fact, LG has formalized the concession of use of this OS to other manufacturers, under license.

At the moment, in addition to LG, three other manufacturers have decided to use WebOS: Konka, Blaupunkt and Bang & Olufsen. In the near future, anyone who buys a smart TV from one of these manufacturers will be able to stream music via the Tidal app as well.