Laundroid, the technological washing machine that folds laundry. Photo and video

The washing machine will be able to wash, dry and fold all garments. The only problem: the price is too high

An invention that could one day revolutionize our habits. After the smart bed that tidies itself, here is Laundroid the first robot that washes, folds and sorts clothes. The idea came from Shine Sakane, a Japanese entrepreneur.

The Japanese inventor for his project has managed to involve many financiers, including Panasonic. Not just any company. As Sakane says, the money raised - which currently amounts to $53 million - will help him realize his dream: to free mankind from laundry. Laundroid, in fact, is a machine in the shape of a refrigerator that, according to its inventor, will be able to wash, dry and put away clothes. At the moment, however, the first prototype that will go on sale in March at the "modest" price that should be between 2700-3000 $ will be capable "only" of sorting and folding clothes.

How it works the washing machine that folds clothes

Sakane's extravagant idea is, therefore, to create a device that combines in a single object the functionality of washing machines and dryers developed by Panasonic with 7D folding technology. Although there are still no images or videos showing how the machine works, the version of Laundroid that will be launched in a few months should work like this: users "unload" clothes inside a drawer and a mechanical arm will tidy them up. The device will use a scanner to identify clothes and will be networked. According to Sakane, the average time to complete the task will be 10 minutes per item of clothing.

(taken from Facebook)

Laundroid price? A bit high

Of course, not everything can be left to the robot. Clothes - shirts, for example - will need to be buttoned up and not inserted backwards (this is especially true for socks). The washing and drying service is expected to be available until 2019. Therefore, users will have to make do only with the version that will be, as seen, launched in March. The question is: how many people will be willing to buy a product that promises to be very expensive?

In the meantime, Sakane continues on his way, convinced that the prohibitive price will not hinder the success of Laundroid. The Japanese inventor is, in fact, also working with other developers in an attempt to further improve the device.

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