Le Fate Ignoranti: announced the cast of the TV series

From Cristiana Capotondi to Luca Argentero: the actors who will participate are very well known and loved by the Italian audience. Here's who they are and which characters they will play.

Le Fate Ignoranti becomes a TV series. Just like the film, released twenty years ago in theaters, it will be written and directed by Ferzan Özpetek. It will soon be available on the Star channel of Disney +, created just for the adult audience. It will be composed of eight episodes and will have a choral cast, made up of famous Italian actors.

Le Fate Ignoranti will be a romantic drama and will resume the plot of the blockbuster film released in 2001. The show will be written by Ferzan Ozpetek, Gianni Romoli, Carlotta Corradi and Massimo Bacchini while the production is entrusted to R&C Produzioni. Four episodes will be directed by Gianluca Manzella, a long-time collaborator of Özpetek. Everything revolves around the character of Antonia, who runs a medical laboratory and is shocked by the death of her husband Massimo, to whom she is very attached. After the tragedy, she has to come to terms with the secret life of her husband, who had a clandestine relationship with Michele. Let's find out who are the actors involved in the cast and the characters they will play.

Cast Le Fate Ignoranti: actors and characters

Let's start with the triad of the main characters. Cristiana Capotondi plays Antonia, the protagonist of the TV series. Edoardo Scarpetta is Michele, an artist who paints the backdrops of the Opera shows. Michele's house is the vital center of Massimo's secret life, a hustle and bustle of curious and interesting people, whom Antonia will also learn to know and love. Luca Argentero plays Massimo, who is also the narrator of the story, a professional who runs an import-export business. He is Antonia's husband but also Michele's lover, he has a double life that comes to light only after his death. His wife, in addition to grieving, will have to come to terms with his secrets.

Carla Signoris plays Antonia's mother, a middle-class but also spoiled woman and widow of a General. Serra Yilmaz is Serra, the moral center of the House, the mediator and the friend of everyone, but also the mother of the group of friends, who looks after but at the same time has a disorienting sincerity, unabashedly tongue-in-cheek. Deniz Burak is Asaf, Serra's nephew, while Paola Minaccioni is Luisella, who owns a fruit and vegetable store and temporarily lives with Mara.

The series will also feature Ambra Angiolini as Annamaria, a fortune teller who lives with Roberta, played by Anna Ferzetti.

Edoardo Purgatori and Filippo Scicchitano are Riccardo and Luciano respectively, an almost symbiotic homosexual couple. Lilith Primavera is Mara, a runaway from her family of origin who didn't accept that she was trans, who comes to terms with her traumatic past when she confronts her mother.

Then there is Edoardo Siravo who plays Valter, a retired artist who taught Michele the job of backdrop painter. Samuel Garofalo plays the role of Sandro, the youngest of the group, insecure and shy, finds in the House a second family in which to grow without the fear that his feelings will be judged.

Maria Teresa Baluyot is Nora, the Filipino maid at Antonia's house, with whom she has a very close relationship. Patrizia Loreti, Giulia Greco and Mimma Lovoi are the Three Marys, three women who know everything about everyone and comment on everything that happens always from the same bench.

Le Fate Ignoranti, from film to TV series

As announced, Le Fate Ignoranti will resume the plot of the film, while reading the cast it is immediately clear that the main actors have changed. In fact, we no longer find Margherita Buy in the role of Antonia, Andrea Renzi in that of Massimo and Stefano Accorsi in the role of Michele.

There is a beloved performer who remains: Serra is played by the actress Serra Yilmaz both in the film and in the series.

The audience then wonders if the settings will be the same: for example, will the famous terrace of the film Le Fate Ignoranti return? All that remains is to wait for the release of the TV series on the Star channel of Disney +.