Lead Generation: what it is and why it is important for companies

Lead Generation allows companies to acquire contacts from potential customers: here's how to generate leads and why it is so important for a business


Giuseppe Croce Journalist

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An effective online marketing strategy for businesses goes through Lead Generation, which allows you to acquire the contacts of potential customers interested in the products or services offered by a business. The tools available to a business to plan and launch a campaign to generate leads are many and varied.

Online communication has changed the way to advertise your business and reach potential customers, which are called "leads". Lead Generation, therefore, is the generation of contacts who, precisely because they are interested in what the company has to offer, can be more easily transformed into customers to be retained. Planning a lead generation campaign means knowing how to navigate through all the tools available online: from landing pages with forms for data acquisition, to newsletters, or even advertising campaigns Search, Display and Social. Building a relationship of trust with the customer, which goes in the medium to long term, is essential and requires a reasoned and consistent path, which can be addressed alone or with the help of experienced marketing consultants.

What is Lead Generation and why is it important

Lead Generation encompasses a set of marketing techniques that allow the company to attract customers who are really interested, for example by asking them to fill out a form to get information or quotes, or subscribing to a newsletter, which can get a discount code on the first order. The goal is to generate leads and then create a relationship of trust with the potential customer through the opening of a direct channel of communication, which is consolidated month after month for a medium to long term relationship.

How to implement a strategy of Lead Generation

To implement a strategy of Lead Generation requires a wise management and coordination of different marketing tools. You can create a conversion-oriented landing page, so as to transform the visit of the potential customer into a contact, with the use of call to action, widget or form for data entry.

The marketing strategy must be multi-channel and also include digital advertising campaigns that bring the lead on the landing page, for example through the planning of campaigns on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, the use of display campaigns that take advantage of banner advertising, or that improve the indexing in the search results of Google Search.

Once the contact and his data have been acquired, he can be profiled and retained with remarketing activities that offer discounts and ad hoc promotions designed to entice conversion, so that from a simple contact he becomes a real customer of the business through the purchase of products or services offered. If the planning and implementation of such a strategy seems difficult to develop, you can turn to services offered by professionals such as Generazione Lead by Italiaonline.

The expert consultants build with the business the most effective communication plan, identify objectives and strategy to generate leads and follow the client step by step in the creation and management of the campaign. The client will be able to promote his brand thanks to the largest Italian network of sites, with a landing page designed to generate qualified contacts and with a dedicated team for the constant monitoring in order to obtain the maximum performance with an optimized budget.