League of Legends down today, what’s going on

At 9 p.m. thousands of Italian League of Legends users are complaining that they can't login to their personal profiles. Here's what's happening

A bad night for thousands and thousands of Italian League of Legends fans. Since about 9 p.m. today, no one (or almost) can play the famous MOBA developed by Riot Games. The servers of the game, in fact, seem to be down and all those who try to login to the personal profile are "sent back" to the sender.

According to reports collected by the industry portals, in fact, attempts to access the servers of the game end with interrupted sessions. Only after several tens of minutes some players manage to enter, but the entire gameplay seems to suffer from the slowdowns "at the entrance". It's been a troubled day for the developer's technicians and engineers: in the past few hours, in fact, similar problems had been recorded in other parts of the world. In Europe, in fact, there are thousands and thousands of reports in Germany, the epicenter of the worldwide down of League of Legends.

League of Legends doesn't work on April 24, what's happening

Reading the "testimonials" on industry portals such as Down Detector, users are all experiencing the same malfunction. As soon as they try to log in and enter the game rooms, they are put on hold because the server is busy. All of them, no matter when they log in, are in the 20,000th position and can't move up. Some users still manage to enter the rooms and play, but after waiting for more than half an hour.

From Riot Games, for now, there are no statements about what is happening. It is likely that a glitch in the room formation system is causing the rooms to be full, leaving thousands and thousands of players waiting to get in. If this is indeed the problem, it shouldn't take long for the situation to return to normal.