Lenovo, the smartphone with foldable screen arrives in the fall

According to some posts on the Chinese social site Weibo, in October Lenovo should present a smartphone-smartwatch hybrid with foldable screen

Of course, when you think of a manufacturer of smartphones and mobile devices in general, Lenovo is not the first name that comes to mind. Although the Chinese company has owned Motorola for years, with its own brand it has never managed to establish itself neither in the domestic market nor in the international one.

In spite of this, in recent months Lenovo has reported some very interesting products. The Z5 Pro, for example, was presented a few days ago and is characterized by a screen that covers as much as 95% of the upper surface of the device. Another product, which should be presented between October and November, instead, promises to revolutionize the entire industry: a smartphone with a foldable screen (and not a foldable smartphone with two screens, like the ZTE Axon X) that can also be worn on the wrist. In short, a smartphone-smartwatch hybrid that could rewrite the history of the mobile phone industry.

How is Lenovo's foldable smartphone

At the moment, we don't know much about the technical features of the foldable screen smartphone produced by Lenovo. All that is known, was derived from a video that appeared in recent days on the Chinese social network Weibo and re-shared by the official Lenovo account, with the caption "See you in October". In the video in question, a person out of frame handles a device with shapes similar to those of a smartphone with an elongated screen and fully foldable. In particular, the device took the shape of a semicircle, so much so as to suggest that it could be worn around a wrist. In short, a device halfway between a smartphone and a smartwatch capable of competing with any other smartwatch in circulation.