LG in collaboration with Valve unveils VR visor for gaming

LG showed at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona a new virtual reality device designed for professional gamers

LG is stepping up its efforts to make virtual reality solutions. The first results are starting to show, as demonstrated by the South Korean company at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. On the Catalan stage LG, in fact, presented a new VR visor designed for video games.

To compete with several realities such as Sony, Samsung and HTC, LG has used the collaboration with the company Valve. The new visor of the South Korean giant will therefore be powered by the famous, in the industry, SteamVR technology. This allows for a unique and better performing experience than other virtual reality solutions. However, this is not the first time that LG shows interest in this field at MWC, already last year the company presented the VR 360 that was designed for the flagship smartphone LG G5. It seems, however, that the lack of success, both of the smartphone and consequently of the viewer, have led to a change in the company and the partnership with Valve.

The challenge launched to HTC

The new viewer and the collaboration with Valve put LG and HTC in direct competition. The latter has also been working with Valve on its HTC Vive. For the moment it is not yet clear what will be the future scenario, also because during the presentation of the device in Barcelona the South Korean company has not released too much technical information. We know, however, that the viewer will use the SteamVR platform and Valve's OpenVR monitoring.  As you can guess from the name "open" this is an open project released by Valve to allow manufacturers of third-party companies to develop the viewers from this technology. Aspect that will put even more LG in competition with other realities already present in the sector.