LG launches 8K TVs: they cost more than a car

LG wants to confirm its supremacy in the smart TV sector and launches its first high-end 8K TVs. The price, however, is not for all pockets

Would you spend thirty thousand euros to buy a television? LG is convinced that someone will and has unveiled the Italian prices of its two new smart TVs with 8K resolution: the LG TV NanoCell 8K 75SM99 and the LG Signature TV Oled AI 8K 88Z9.

How much do they cost? The former has a suggested retail price of €4,999, the latter takes home with €29,999. If the price seems excessive, it must be said that these are not two normal TVs but two concentrates of technology, both video and audio, which promise to transform the living room into a sort of private cinema. The size of the two screens, on the other hand, are not small: 75 inches for the NanoCell 8K and 88 inches for the Signature Oled. Thanks to the integration of a powerful chip, capable of performing complex artificial intelligence algorithms, both smart TVs offer a very high audio/video quality even on content with resolution below 8K. That is, most of the currently available content.

LG 8K Smart TV: technical features

The LG Signature TV Oled AI 8K Z9 smart TV has an Ultra HD 8K resolution of 7,680×4,320 pixels, for a total of 33 million self-illuminating pixels (like all Oled displays). The display has virtually no bezel and the design is minimal. The integrated audio has considerable power: 80 watts. The LG TV NanoCell 8K SM 99 75-inch, however, has the same resolution but does not have the Oled display: the Nano Display technology is an evolution of the classic LED and integrates the Nano Color and Nano Black systems, to offer a very wide range of color and deep blacks.

Both models of smart TV LG 8K then share a number of technologies and features, because they are both based on the smart processor α (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 8K, whose effect is seen especially in upscaling. That is, the technology that allows you to virtually increase up to 8K the resolution of 4K, 1080p and even lower resolution content.

Both models also feature Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision support and Advanced HDR Technicolor up to 4K, while HLG and HDR 10 also work at 8K resolution. The audio of the two smart TVs, finally, is not inferior in quality to the video: with virtual 5.1 surround you can simulate three-dimensional sound even with only two built-in speakers. The two TVs are also compatible with the WiSA (Wireless Speaker & Audio) standard, for wireless transmission of the 5.1 audio signal at 16 bit, without compression.