LG launches TV that rolls off the ceiling: how it works

LG has announced the first TV that rolls off the ceiling and new OLED TVs for use in the living room. Here's what they'll look like

The Consumer Electronics Show, the technology trade show held in Las Vegas every year in early January, is a chance to see live new devices and prototypes that anticipate the future. One of the most active companies in recent years is LG, which shows off at CES all the most interesting products developed in the last twelve months. And it will be the same at CES 2020.

Before the official start of the fair (which takes place from January 7 to 10), LG has already announced some of the devices that will be shown during the presentation. And there's room once again for a rollable TV. After showing last year the living room TV that rolls up on itself until it disappears inside the base (it's still not available on the market), at CES 2020 the South Korean company will show another futuristic TV: the TV that unfolds from the ceiling, as if it were a kind of projector.

LG's TV that unfolds from the ceiling

For the moment it's not very clear how LG's new foldable TV works. The company has only announced that it will be a TV that unfolds from the ceiling, without showing images or explaining how it works. But most likely it will be similar to the model already presented last year: there will be a base fixed on the ceiling and the screen that rolls up on itself.

During the official presentation at CES 2020 we will surely know more and also understand if the TV will be launched on the market. The foldable TVs announced at CES 2019 were expected to hit the market in the spring of last year, but they still haven't been launched and it's unknown if it will ever be done.

What TVs LG will showcase at CES 2020

Not just TVs that roll up from the ceiling. CES 2020 will also be an opportunity for LG to announce new OLED TVs that we'll definitely see on the market in 2020. These are 88" panels, 77". 65", 55" and for the first time even 48", a real first for the industry.

Among the TVs of the future, there is also great anticipation for new 55" transparent TVs to be mounted on airplanes and POLED screens to be mounted inside smart cars.