LG Smart TVs, new interface coming: what changes

LG Channels, present on LG Smart TVs but not only, gets a makeover: the user interface is faster and simpler, and future plans are interesting

LG is proceeding with the update of LG Channels, which for those who don't know it is the free content streaming service signed by LG. The goal is to offer a better experience for LG Smart TV owners through a new interface.

The update doesn't stop at just redesigning the user interface, but introduces more channels and a wider range of content for LG customers by expanding to 1,900 channels of sports, movies, music and news from the current 1,600 (numbers however vary by country). LG Channels has already achieved significant results over the past year, which has convinced the Asian company to triple its European coverage by the end of 2021. After all, LG Channels is part of LG's webOS TV system, which is included in Smart TVs from the manufacturer, but also in some from Motorola, JVC, Polaroid and others.

New features in the LG Channels update

As mentioned above, the biggest change is in the user interface, which thanks to the update benefits from faster navigation and easier menu interaction.

The function, managed by an algorithm, that suggests what to watch has also been improved: now, LG says, it is better able to provide content consistent with the tastes of individual users thanks to an algorithm that better analyzes the preferences of each.

The revamped LG Channels user interface is available for LG Smart TVs running webOS version 5.0 and higher, while a special version is coming soon for TVs with webOS versions 3.0 to 4.5.

An app specifically designed for smartphones will also be available by the end of the year - initially only in North America. It will be intuitively called LG Channels and will offer users an additional option to enjoy content from the free streaming platform.

Current and future plans for LG Channels

Through the partnership signed in 2020 with South Korean media platform company, NEW ID, LG Channels has been able to add content to its library that the company describes as "new and compelling." In addition, with the aim of improving the service and increasing its offerings, LG has brought NEW K.MOVIES, the premium Korean channel that puts movies at the center of its programming, to Europe.

Rakuten TV, on the other hand, is already among the channels broadcast by LG in major European markets; the broadcaster offers the best selection of content from different categories, including comedies, action movies, dramas and Rakuten Stories. The Rakuten TV app can be accessed via the dedicated hotkey found on the recently released LG Magic Remote.

And thanks to LG's partnership with Amagi, the global music and culture hub of renowned producer Quincy Jones, Qwest TV will be offered on LG TVs by the end of 2021 in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico.