LG unveils a QuadHD screen for smartphones. Will it be mounted on the G6?

The new 5.7-inch LCD panel has a resolution of 1,440 x 2,880 pixels and a proportion of 18:9 . It is very thin and consumes less energy

New products are also coming to LG. The South Korean company has announced a new 5.7-inch LCD screen that has a unique feature: it is designed with the 18:9 format and has a higher resolution than traditional QuadHD displays.

The screen, which LG calls QuadHD+, has in fact a resolution of 1,440 x 2,880 pixels that includes a density of 564 PPI (acronym for pixels per inch). This is the first display designed for smartphones that is made in 18:9. In fact, according to what the Asian company says, the high-resolution liquid crystal panel is designated to offer users a unique viewing experience. Another important feature is the thickness of the panel: only one millimeter. Inoltre, il pannello è anche efficiente dal punto di vista energetico: il nuovo display infatti garantisce un risparmio del 30%.

Il display QuadHD+ sui nuovi smartphone LG

lg-g6-front-1-1.jpgFonte foto: Gear India / OnLeaks

Premi sull’immagine per scoprire come sarà il nuovo LG G6

LG dunque si prepara a rivoluzionare ancora una volta il settore degli schermi, introducendo un display che non solo ha una risoluzione migliore rispetto ai normali LCD QuadHD, ma ha anche una proporzione maggiore. Gli schermi per smartphone sono passati negli anni dai formati 4:3, 3:2, 5:3 a quelli a 16:9. Ora, grazie all’azienda sudcoreana, per la prima volta i pannelli LCD saranno realizzati in 18:9. Questo permetterà di avere display più grandi e ad alta risoluzione. LG ha affermato che intende usare lo schermo QuadHD + sugli smartphone che presenterà nel corso del 2017. And one of them will almost certainly be the G6, the new top of the range that the Asian company will most likely launch on the market starting next March.

Thinner and more sensitive screens

LG's new display is also very sensitive to touch. Still referring to what the South Korean company claims, the 5.7-inch 18:9 LCD panel in fact integrates LG's in-Touch technology that also allows, as mentioned, to make very thin screens.

LG G6 presentation

According to the latest rumors, the Korean top of the line will be officially presented on February 26 during an event organized for the Wolrd Mobile Congress in Barcelona, while it will go on sale on March 10.