LG unveils an incredible flexible and transparent mega TV screen

The new display recently announced by the South Korean company has mind-boggling measurements: its diagonal is 170 centimeters long. Will it hit the market soon?

That the next display generation will move toward very large devices, as evidenced by the launch of the world's largest 4K TV, is a given. LG has gone even further, anticipating the future of new TVs with the introduction of a mega OLED screen.

The display, in fact, is unmatched at the moment. Just take a look at the size of the very long diagonal: 170.5 centimeters. Measures that bring the panel of the South Korean company closer to a mirror, rather than a television. And that's not all, of course. One of the most surprising aspects is that LG has been able to develop a screen that, in addition to being one of the largest ever made, is also transparent and above all flexible. Features that make the television of the Asian company an original product and yet never seen, although even competitors, such as Samsung and Panasonic, have not stood idly by.

Ultra HD resolution

The new LG screen is transparent, flexible and very large. Is that all there is to it? Not quite. The South Korean company's super display is also noteworthy for its resolution. The device, which in some ways is even taller than a person. And the resolution is ultraHD (to be precise it is 3840 x 2160 pixels).

Will it be coming to the market soon?"

At this point it is legitimate to ask another question. Is LG very close to bringing to market the first TV that integrates a curved, transparent and very wide panel? Probably not. It will be a few years, in fact, before the new technology of the Asian company lands on the next televisions. From what we can guess, at first LG's mega display will be used mainly for signage. And then maybe someday it will come to the living room as well.