LG V30 2018 coming with 256GB of memory and artificial intelligence

At Mobile World Congress 2018, the South Korean company will present a new version of the LG V30 with support for artificial intelligence

LG had announced it a couple of weeks ago: unless epochal changes in the industry, it is useless to present new smartphones on a semi-annual and annual basis. That's why the release of the LG G7 (expected at MWC 2018) has been postponed until a later date. At the Mobile Wolrd Congres 2018 (which will start at the end of February) LG will still organize an event and surprisingly present a new version of the LG V30, named for the occasion 2018.

The announcement was made directly by the South Korean company on its website. LG V30 2018 will have the exact same features as the previous version, with the only difference being the internal memory, which will be 256GB. The novelty concerns the integration of artificial intelligence within the software that will enrich the user experience. Thanks to the AI developed by LG, the camera will automatically recognize the framed objects and suggest the best shooting mode. In addition, artificial intelligence will also be able to be used while shopping.

The novelties of the LG V30 2018

The new model will differ only in the features dedicated to artificial intelligence. As already done by other companies (Huawei, iPhone, Samsung, HTC), LG also wanted to develop an artificial intelligence capable of interacting with the surrounding world and improve the functionality of the device. LG has worked over a year to develop an AI that can respond to user requests. The artificial intelligence will intervene in two different areas of the smartphone: the management of the camera and voice recognition.

As for the camera, the new management system will be called Vision AI and ensures LG will be able to recognize the subject of the photo and to suggest eight different shooting modes. Vision AI also improves the quality of the photo going to manage all the parameters of the shot and makes brighter images at night. Vision AI can also be used while shopping: by framing the QR code of the products you can see if there is another store nearby where it costs less.

Voice AI is the new system to manage voice commands. There are already a few sets of phrases available on the V30 that can be used to open apps. With Voice AI and Google Assistant support, voice commands take on even greater importance and will be at the center of the user experience.

LG V30 2018 Features

The LG V30 2018 will have top-of-the-line features. On board we will find the Snapdragon 835 with 4GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. 6-inch OLED screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and resolution 2880×1440 pixels (QuadHD+). The photo compartment is one of the strengths of the device: at the back there is a dual camera with the main sensor of 16 Megapixels and f/1.6 aperture and wide-angle secondary lens. The front camera is only 5 Megapixels. 3300mAh battery.