LG V40, first smartphone with 5 cameras

The South Korean company is preparing the market launch of the new V40, the first Android smartphone with five total cameras, here's what it will look like

Dual cameras, both in the rear and in the front, are no longer new to smartphone users. In fact, it makes more of a stir to have a phone with a single rear sensor than a dual camera. Perhaps that's why LG is trying to surprise consumers with the V40, the first smartphone with 5 cameras.

The LG V40, direct successor to the V30, will have a total of five cameras across the phone's body, split into two in the front and three in the back. It must be said that the triple camera is not exactly a first. Huawei, to name one manufacturer, has focused heavily on this feature in its new P20 Pro, while Apple would like to mount three sensors on the upcoming 2018 iPhone X Plus. But LG is the first manufacturer to integrate both a dual front-facing camera and a triple sensor at the back. LG's promise is to bring to the Android world a device that can match and maybe even surpass the quality of shots achieved by Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Huawei P20 Pro.

LG V40: the smartphone with 5 cameras

We understand that in total the cameras of the new LG V40 will be five, but what specifically will all these sensors be used for? LG has let it be known that the dual front camera will be used to apply special filters to improve the quality of selfies and especially to integrate the 3D facial recognition system. There is still some doubt instead about the three-sensor system that we should find in the rear of the new LG V40. Most likely, the triple camera will work exactly as on Huawei P20 Pro. Recall that on the Chinese device the first sensor, the main one, is 40 megapixels with a really very important size of 1/1.7". This is the largest sensor on a flagship smartphone at the moment. It is therefore possible that LG on V40 follow this path, so a large sensor with many megapixels supported by two sensors for details. In the back in addition to the three cameras we will have to find the fingerprint sensor as on V30.

It is not yet certain the official landing of LG V40 on the Italian market, according to the latest rumors the device should be launched in late summer or at most the beginning of autumn 2018. In essence, LG will respect the timing of 2017, when it launched V30 in late August.