LG’s new Z1 8K OLED Smart TV costs like a car

LG confirms itself as "premium" both for the technical features and the price of its smart TVs: here's how much LG Z1, G1, C1, B1 and A1 televisions from 43 to 88 inches cost.

LG keeps the standard high, and consequently also the price, of its high-end Smart TVs. This is demonstrated by the prices, definitely not for everyone, of the top models of the new OLED and NanoCell 2021 ranges, with diagonals from 43 to 83 inches, some equipped with the new fourth generation Alpha α9 intelligent processor.

These are in fact televisions without compromise, dedicated to those seeking the highest quality audio and video and the latest features. Almost all models, for example, are compatible with the HDMI 2.1 standard, still exploited almost only by next-gen game consoles, with the Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) and low-latency automatic mode (ALLM), with Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 PRO and Filmmaker Mode technologies, as well as with the now inevitable assistants and digital ecosystems of Google, Amazon and Apple. In short, it's a concentration of cutting-edge technologies that put those who buy these LG Smart TVs in the position of not having to change them for many years. And the price is correspondingly high.

How much do LG's new OLED TVs cost

Starting with LG's two absolute top of the line TVs, namely the Z1 series with 8K resolution, the public prices are 26,999 euros and 22.999 euros, respectively, for the version of 88 and 77 inches.

Those not looking for the best, but still want a great Smart TV LG large diagonal can opt for the G1 series, which always costs a lot, but definitely much less than the Z1: the 77-inch model is on sale at 4.999 euros, the 65-inch at 3,499 euros and the 55-inch at 2,499 euros.

Move instead to the C1 series, we have more choice on the diagonal: the new 83-inch model costs 7,999 euros, the 77-inch version costs 4,299 euros, the 65-inch costs 3,199 euros, and the 55- and 48-inch versions are bought with 2,199 euros and 1,799 euros.

Descending still in the range we find the B1 series, with the 77-inch that costs 3.999 euros, the 65-inch 2,499 euros and the 55-inch 1,699 euros.

Finally, to spend even less there is the A1 range: 3,899 euros for the 77-inch, 2,399 euros for the 65-inch, 1,599 euros for the 55-inch and 1,499 euros for the 48-inch.

How much do LG's new NanoCell TVs cost

Turning to models with NanoCell technology (which is an evolution of LCD), there are three models capable of showing 8K content: those of the NANO96 series with a 75-inch diagonal (3.499 euros), 65 inches (2,499 euros) and 55 inches (1,799 euros).

The NANO91 series, on the other hand, stops at 4K and is available in four sizes: 75 inches priced at 2,299 euros, 65 inches priced at 1.699 euros and 55 inches priced at 1,299 euros.

We go down in price again with the NANO86: 2,099 euros (75 inches), 1,499 euros (65 inches), 1,099 euros (55 inches) and 999 euros (50 inches). Finally, with the NANO75 series, NanoCell technology arrives on a small (43 inches) and affordable (699 euros) LG Smart TV.