Limited budget? Here are the Christmas tech gifts under 25 euros

Even with a limited budget you can make Christmas tech gifts that leave a mark. The world of technology is so varied that it offers a lot of products at very low prices. If you want to spend a maximum of 25 euros, you do not have to worry, the important thing is to make the right choice.

Logically you can not aim to give a smartphone or a smartwatch top of the range, but you can fall back on many useful accessories that will make your friends happy. In addition, browsing far and wide on online e-commerce sites, you can find many original ideas for Christmas, which most likely with a higher budget you would not have even considered. If you are undecided or do not know what to buy for your friends, here is our guide to Christmas gifts 2016 spending a maximum of 25 euros. Per un rapido sguardo, è possibile consultare la fotogallery in apertura.

Xiaomi Mi Band S1

Partiamo da un regalo hi-tech per Natale 2016 che assicura il massimo dell’affidabilità e che sarà apprezzato sicuramente dagli amanti del running. Il fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band S1 permette di tenere sotto controllo il numero di passi effettuati, la distanza percorsa e monitora la qualità del sonno. Inoltre, tramite l’applicazione disponibile per smartphone e tablet, è possibile impostare una sveglia silenziosa che permetterà all’utente di alzarsi nel migliore dei modi. Inoltre, l’activity tracker controlla il numero di battiti cardiaci e i parametri vitali della persona. Nel caso in cui si riscontra qualche valore anomalo è necessario correre dal medico per fare un check-up completo del proprio corpo. Sotto il punto di vista del design non sarà il fitness tracker più bello disponibile sul mercato, ma per quanto riguarda il rapporto qualità-prezzo è difficile trovare di meglio. The Xiaomi Mi Band S1 can be purchased on the main online e-commerce sites at a figure of less than 20 euros.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker - AmazonBasics


The Bluetooth speaker made by Amazon

Bluetooth speakers are increasingly winning the hearts of music fans: easy to carry, they allow you to cheer up parties and picnics. The available models are many and for all price ranges: if you do not want to spend more than 25 euros for the Christmas gift 2016 you can buy the Mini Bluetooth speaker made directly from Amazon. The audio quality is not comparable with that of higher-end products, but the product of the U.S. company does its job very well. The design is very simple and straightforward and fits on any piece of furniture and desk. Inoltre, l’altoparlante integra anche un microfono che permette di effettuare e rispondere alle chiamate. La connessione Bluetooth ha un’estensione massima di 10 metri. L’altoparlante Bluetooth Mini di AmazonBasics può essere acquistato sul sito del produttore a 23,48 euro.

Riscalda Bevande USB

Con un budget limitato è necessario far lavorare la fantasia e cercare dei regali tecnologici per il Natale 2016 che possano far felice i propri amici o familiari. Cercando in rete è possibile trovare anche delle idee regalo originali che in altri casi non avremmo nemmeno preso in considerazione. Come il riscalda bevanda USB a forma di biscotto, un oggetto strano ma di sicura utilità. Infatti, nel caso in cui il nostro vicino di scrivania sia un amante del tè caldo, con il riscalda bevande USB non avrà più problemi. With a cost of 12 euros, it is a nice Christmas gift that will allow us to respect our budget.

TRIXES Flexible Fan



The beverage warmer is not the only USB gadget you can give as a Christmas gift, among the items available there is also the TRIXES Flexible Fan. The gadget, in addition to refreshing the person during the hot Italian summer, allows you to always have the time under control thanks to LED lights that indicate the time. With its gooseneck arm, it can be placed in any position depending on the user's needs. Among the technological gifts of Christmas 2016, the TRIXES flexible fan is definitely the most original. Il prodotto può essere acquistato per una cifra inferiore ai 15 euro su uno dei tanti siti di e-commerce online.

Battery pack da 15600 mAh

Quando le idee regalo hi-tech non convincono del tutto è necessario andare sul sicuro e scegliere uno dei tanti accessori per smartphone. Uno dei prodotti da poter acquistare con un budget di soli 25 euro è sicuramente un battery pack, le batterie esterne che hanno avuto tanto successo negli ultimi anni a causa della scarsa autonomia di smartphone e tablet. Se si è alla ricerca di un battery pack dal buon rapporto qualità-prezzo, uno dei migliori disponibili sul mercato è il Coolreall da 15600mAh che permette di ricaricare un iPhone almeno 6 o 7 volte, mentre per i top di gamma Android assicura un massimo di 4 ricaricare. Inoltre, integra una torcia da utilizzare in caso di poca luce. The battery pack is priced at around 17 euros and can be purchased directly online.

Laptop Support - AmazonBasics


Laptop Support

Another smart gift idea for Christmas 2016 is a laptop support, a very useful item especially for those who spend all day in front of the PC. The aluminum laptop stand made by Amazon ensures maximum comfort (it raises the laptop to a height of 15.5 centimeters above the desk) and strength. It is ideal for 13-inch notebooks, while for larger models you need to go in search of another support. It can be purchased on the manufacturer's website at a price of 18.99 euros. 

Xiaomi Hybrid

The Chinese company always gives great surprises, such as Xiaomi Hybrid earphones, low-cost headphones but with performance that has nothing to envy to much more expensive products. For those who do not want to spend more than 25 euros, it is the perfect hi-tech Christmas 2016 gift, since it combines the quality of materials with that of sound. It plays perfectly any type of song and also allows you to answer incoming calls. The design reflects the soul of the Chinese company and they are really very nice. The Xiaomi Hybrid earphones can be purchased for just over 20 euros on Italian e-commerce sites.

Cyber Robot Clementoni

(Taken from YouTube)

Not just gifts for adults. In the price range up to 25 euros you can find gift ideas for children too. Such as the Cyber Robot by Clementoni, a device that allows children to have their first approaches to the world of technology. The child will first have to assemble the robot and then connect it to their parent's smartphone or tablet through the application developed for both Android and iOS. Through the app, you will be able to program the movements, light and sound effects of the robot and also have a preview of the different features. A 2016 Christmas gift that will make any child happy by spending an amount of about 20 euros.

Thumbs Up Key Finder

Very often you lose precious minutes to find the bunch of keys that you have hidden under the sofa cushion. With Thumbs Up Key Finder this will not happen anymore: the device allows you to find the keys with a simple whistle. The operation of the Thumbs Up Key Finder is very simple: just make a high-pitched whistle and the device will start playing and flashing until you find your keys. For a forgetful friend, this is the best tech gift for Christmas 2016. The Thumbs up Key Finder can be purchased for about 10 euros.

Amazon Dash

(Taken from Press Release)

Launched in Italy just over a month ago, the Amazon Dash are small buttons that allow you to do your shopping while sitting in the comfort of your home. The device connects to the home Wi-Fi network and allows you to buy cookies, detergents and any other product supported by the Amazon Dash, directly through your Amazon account. Each button can only buy one product, which is why there are dozens and dozens of different Amazon Dash available. The cost is really negligible (4.99 euros) and offer the possibility for those who are busy all day at work to do their shopping from home.

Mouse SM690

A simple mouse suitable for all occasions. The SM690 mouse incorporates LED lights that stay on continuously and change color throughout the day. On the side are two buttons that allow you to go forward and backward in the browser pages.

Google Cardboard

Low cost virtual reality display made by the Mountain View company, the Google Cardboard is the cheapest way to make the first experience with virtual worlds. Google to cut production costs opted for a rigid cardboard sheet that each user can build themselves. The smartphone can be housed in the slot provided and applications developed for virtual reality can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and App Store. The Google Cardboard VR visor can be purchased for a price of around 15 euros.