Linkedin Premium: what it is, how much it costs to activate and cancel

Would you like to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium? Which version, though? The paid service of Microsoft's social, in fact, is divided into four

Of the many social networks available, Linkedin occupies a very special place. Born to facilitate the meeting between the supply and demand for work and ensure that human resources managers could find the professionalism they seek, soon this social network was divided sharply into two. Today there is a Linkedin Basic and a Linkedin Premium.

And the differences are significant (and you pay): while the basic account on Linkedin is basically a resume 2.0, with the paid version we have many more features, both if we are looking for a job and if we are looking for someone to hire. It must be said, however, that there isn't just one Linkedin Premium: it's possible to subscribe to four different types of service, with features calibrated to precise objectives. In Italian, the 4 Linkedin Premium profiles are called: Career, Business, Sales and Hiring. The features, as well as the costs, vary from one plan to another while all plans include the first month for free.

Linkedin Premium: Career subscription

The Linkedin Premium Career subscription costs 30.23 euros per month. With this fixed cost you will be able to send direct messages to recruiters, direct messages to members with whom you are not in contact (InMail messages), you will be able to see all the people who have visited your profile (with the Basic version you can only analyze a very small number of visits), apply in the foreground to job offers, make comparisons between several candidates for the same job offer and follow online video courses (but only in English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese).

Linkedin Premium Business

The Linkedin Premium Business subscription costs €45.36 per month and offers 15 free InMail messages, additional information about companies, information about who visited your profile and the ability to do unlimited searches of other profiles and take video courses.

Linkedin Premium Sales

The Linkedin Premium Sales subscription costs €60.49 per month, with which you get 20 InMail messages, information about your accounts and leads, ability to create custom lead lists, ability to report leads and save searches, all information about who visited your profile and unlimited searches with the ability to search other profiles up to the third degree.

Linkedin Premium Hiring

The Linkedin Premium Hiring subscription is the most expensive of all: €90.73 per month. It offers 30 InMail messages, advanced search with specific filters, dynamic suggestions on the most interesting profiles, integrated recruitment to easily manage all the candidates to your job offers, automatic tracking of candidates and obviously unlimited search of profiles and the possibility to see who has visited your profile in the last ninety days.

Linkedin Premium: cancellation

To activate Linkedin Premium, even for only one month of trial, you must immediately choose a valid payment method between credit card, bank account charge or PayPal. If you don't cancel within one day before the expiration of the trial month, the subscription is considered confirmed and billing is triggered. You can cancel the Premium subscription at any time and return to the Basic subscription, losing all the features described. To do so, however, you must cancel at least one day before the expiration of the billing period. Otherwise we will have to pay in full for the next month.