LinkedIn removes one feature and announces another

No one posts stories on LinkedIn and Microsoft's platform has decided to remove them, but has also announced another new feature for users

It was welcomed as a partial innovation, since many users were already accustomed to using them regularly on other social networks that are more accustomed to this type of content, but LinkedIn stories were among the 2020 innovations of Microsoft's social network. Now, however, after about a year, the platform does a U-turn by removing the feature, but presenting an updated version that will soon completely renew the concept.

To give the announcement of the change of course was a major figure of the company or Liz Li, Senior Director of Products, with a short post spread through the personal Linkedin profile. In the update, Li pointed out that the decision to introduce the stories was born from the desire to provide users with a tool to share updates in a fresh and fun style, in part lighter than the approach that many use on social dedicated to the world of work. Their place will not remain empty for long: in fact, to fill it there should be a "new experience", as indicated by Li, with innovative methodologies for sharing videos.

LinkedIn: the "new experiences"

According to what reported by Li, the new format that will soon land on LinkedIn is the child of the stories but also of the lessons learned during the stay of these particular movies lasting 24 hours on the social. If the details provided are very few for the moment, the clues launched help to draw at least the outlines of what we can see on the social in the future.

It will be a totally reimagined format, "richer and more conversational", in which different types of media will merge to reflect the creative spirit of its users. They will therefore become a true extension of the personality and professional identity of the creators, who will be able to use the new videos as a showcase for their professional skills.

LinkedIn, when will the goodbye to the stories?

Confirmed by Liz Li herself in the post, LinkedIn stories will be permanently removed from the social at the end of September. At the same time, the development and testing phase of the "new experiences" will continue, for which an official debut date has not yet been provided.

The platform is the second to say goodbye to stories this year: in fact, already Twitter had recently removed Fleet from the timeline. The reason given by the company, in this case, was the low use of the tool by users, so much so that it closed the doors of the available clips for a day in early August.