Linkem is not working today in Rome and Central Italy, what’s going on

Since 9pm on November 11, Linkem is down. The FWA operator's Internet connection suddenly dropped and no one knows what exactly happened

Since about 9 p.m. on Wednesday, November 11, Linkem is not working. Hundreds and hundreds of users are complaining about difficulties in connecting to the Internet via the router of the Italian FWA operator. The stories on industry portals such as DownDetector or on social networks such as Twitter are very similar to each other: a few minutes before 9 p.m. the connection suddenly dropped and they were no longer able to surf online.

At the moment Linkem technical support is silent: those who have tried to contact it have not been able to speak with an operator and even the official social profiles have not been updated for several hours. The malfunctions, at least according to the reports online, seem to be concentrated mainly in Rome and around the capital. A sign that this is a problem localized in a specific area of the country and, perhaps, more easily solvable. It is likely that Linkem technicians are already working to identify the root cause, but at the moment Linkem is down and no one knows what to do.

Linkem down Central Italy December 11, what we know

Linkem is a FWA operator (Fixed Wireless Access) that uses the same technologies of 4G network to bring high-speed Internet in the homes of its customers. The sudden malfunction that has affected hundreds and hundreds of users in the evening of December 11 depends, most likely, on a fault that has affected one or more repeaters in central Italy (and in the vicinity of Rome in particular), thus causing a sort of domino effect. The fault could also concern one of the fiber backbones that allows the operator to "route" the data exchanged by the various antennas and radio repeaters to the "terrestrial" network and from there to the data centers scattered in various parts of Italy.

In short, a localized technical malfunction, but that has had an impact on hundreds and hundreds of users. The technicians, as said, are already working to identify the cause and in the next few minutes everything could be back.