Living Room Cup, how Cristiano Ronaldo’s social challenge works

Cristiano Ronaldo launched the Living Room Cup challenge on his Instagram account: how many crunches can you do in 45 seconds?

During the quarantine, many celebrities sharpened their wits to entertain their fans. Many initiatives started on social networks, where VIPs broadcast live, inventing new formats that they could run at home. Others have invented challenges to challenge their followers and not only.

One of the most popular challenges of the moment is the Living Room Cup launched by Cristiano Ronaldo directly from his home in Portugal. In fact, the Juve footballer is in his country together with his whole family, where he is spending his quarantine. He certainly can't afford to block his workouts, and is following a personalized program built by his personal trainer. So, in collaboration with the brand Nike, he launched from his Instagram page, the Living Room Cup. The venture is designed for those who are taking advantage of quarantine to work out and stay fit. Here's what it's all about.

What is Ronaldo's Living Room Cup

It all started on April 5, when Cristiano Ronaldo shared from his Instagram account a new challenge, calling it precisely Living Room Cup. In the description appears the partnership with Nike and in fact the challenge is designed for those who love sports and did not give up working out even in quarantine.

The challenge is to do as many sit-ups as possible in 45 seconds. Whoever totals the highest number wins. The first to publish the social challenge was CR7 himself, who completed 142 crunches, thus proving to be in great shape. After all, it is impossible for a footballer of his level to relax too much. Sooner or later the championship will resume and it will be necessary to work hard to lead the team to victory.

Who are the VIPs who have already accepted the challenge?

Although it has been a few hours since the launch of the challenge, there are already many celebrities who have welcomed it by posting their videos. Among them, also the teammate of Ronaldo, Blaise Matuidi. In addition, Marco Belinelli, NBA basketball player, sprinter Filippo Tortu, Russian gymnast David Beljavskij and many other sportsmen and women have also participated.

In short, the video has already gone around the world conquering sportsmen and women of all disciplines. The immediate success is not surprising at all, Cristiano Ronaldo can count on 210 million followers who follow him every day and participate in every initiative. Now all you have to do is participate in the challenge: simply post on your social account - preferably Instagram - a 45-second video in which you give your all, trying to do as many abs as possible. Don't forget to share it using the hashtag #livingroomcup.