Lofelt Basslet, the subwoofer you wear on your wrist

Lofelt Basslet is a subwoofer you wear on your wrist like a watch that can transmit the low frequencies of the music you listen to to your body

It's no secret that music is an extremely powerful medium for conveying emotions. The brain, when we listen to music, especially our favorite songs, releases dopamine that makes us cheerful, almost euphoric. And, until now, these feelings were conveyed solely through hearing.

Have you ever wondered what kind of experience you might have if other senses were involved? They would certainly amplify it! It was from this question that, in all likelihood, Lofelt came up with the idea for Basslet: listening to music, not only through hearing, but also perceiving it through touch throughout the body. The secret of Basslet, produced by the German company Lofelt, is all in the haptic technology, that is tactile, which is based on contact. Wearing this mini subwoofer you will hear the music not only with your hearing, but especially with your body because you will literally perceive the bass physically through vibrations and movements more or less intense depending on the frequency.

Music "felt", not just listened to

Basslet is "son" of a successful fundraising campaign on KickStarter that allowed Lofelt to send it into production. The LoSound engine behind this wrist-mounted subwoofer - patented by the German company - combines the features of several established tactile technologies. It is able to precisely recreate low frequencies in the 10-250 Hz spectrum. It allows the user to physically feel the thump of a bass drum and the rhythm of a bass sequence in high definition, something virtually impossible so far with just headphones. Questa nuova tecnologia sfrutta i movimenti e le vibrazioni per creare diverse sensazioni che vengono “sentite” a livello tattile in modo completamente silenzioso al mondo esterno. Basslet, in pratica, rappresenta il passaggio tra “ascoltare” la musica e “sentire” letteralmente la musica. Questo braccialetto musicale non è pensato solo per gli amanti della sette note, ma anche per DJ e, soprattutto, per gli appassionati di videogame che desiderano un’esperienza musicale completamente innovativa.

Lofelt-Basslet-subwoofer-polso-lifestyle.jpgFonte foto: Lofelt

Basslet allows you to hear music, not only through your hearing, but also feel it through touch throughout your body

Compatible with (almost) all devices

Basslet works with all types of audio devices (with a jack port) and music streaming apps, such as Spotify and Apple Music, without the need for any configuration or apps to be installed. Wear Basslet on your wrist, insert the transmitter (included in the kit) between your headphones and your device - smartphone, tablet, or computer - via the audio port (jack). When the device starts playing music, the audio passes to the transmitter, which in turn, sends the audio signal to the headphones, which sends pulses wirelessly to Basslet that will begin to vibrate at the frequency received. The manufacturer guarantees up to 6 hours of music playback and the cost of this original wrist subwoofer is 199 euros that can be purchased on the manufacturer's website.