“LOL – who laughs is out”: the show of records surprises everyone

Ten comedians, endless gags and only one rule: do not laugh. LOL: Whoever laughs is out on Amazon Prime Video has become a record-breaking show

Ten comedians locked in a room for 6 hours to perform their best gags and only one rule to respect: make others laugh without ever letting a laugh escape. That's "LOL: Who's Laughing is Out," the comedy show streaming on Amazon Prime Video that has been racking up record viewing figures.

Since April 1, the show's 6 episodes have been appearing in Prime Video's content catalog. Presenting the episodes and watching over even the most imperceptible smile of the 10 comedians in challenge were Fedez and Mara Maionchi. While the two judges controlled the situation, the comedians challenged and poked each other until they gave in, sparking laughter in the house and creating new catchphrases and memes that soon invaded social networks. The format proved to be a success, as confirmed by the head of productions of Amazon Originals, Nicole Morganti, who already sees the possibility of a second season after the record numbers obtained: LOL was the most watched show on Prime Video in Italy.

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LOL - whoever laughs is out: how it works, participants and winner

The TV format calls for 10 comedians to spend 6 hours in a room where they can perform and have fun poking fun at the other contestants. There is only one rule: never laugh. Whoever laughs, finds himself out of the game, but even those who do not interact by escaping the risk of smiling may be penalized. The first smile costs a yellow card of admonition, but at the second comes the red one and you have to leave the show streaming on Prime Video, the platform reserved for Prime customers.

To control who laughs and who doesn't are Fedez and Mara Maionchi, while the professional comedians in the competition were Angelo Pintus, Elio, Lillo, Frank Matano, Michela Giraud, Ciro Priello and Fru of The Jackal, Caterina Guzzanti, Katia Follesa and Luca Ravenna. Morganti explains: "I worked hard to make sure the cast was diverse: comedians from YouTube, from generalist TV, bigger names and smaller ones. The important thing is that they connect with each other."

After six hours plus extra time of hilarious gags, the final challenge saw Katia Follesa and Ciro Priello compete in a duel for the last laugh. The winner was the comedian from The Jackal, who announced that he would donate the 100,000 euro winnings to the Action Aid foundation.

LOL - chi ride รจ fuori: una fabbrica di meme e tormentoni

LOL was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few hours of fun with a selection of the best Italian comedians of the moment. A real factory of memes, gifs and catchphrases, such as "So Lillo". Two simple words that, whoever has seen LOL, knows well by now.

The television format falls into the category of unscripted genre, which often in Italy is associated only with reality shows and does not enjoy a good reputation. The improvisation of the gags, however, was the strong point of this highly enjoyable comedy show, where laughter is impossible and even more arousing laughter is the desperate attempt of the comedians to remain serious among themselves and avoid elimination. Needless to say, LOL was a success and it is very likely that Amazon is ready to include a second edition in its Originals content that will arrive on Prime Video in 2022.

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