Looking for a restaurant? Tweet an emoji to Google and it will answer you

With the new service, users of the social network will be able to query the search engine simply by sending an emoticon

Lovers of Twitter emoji, sharpen your thumbs. Especially if you're hungry and looking for a place to eat. It will be enough to tweet to Google the symbol of the hamburger and the account of the Californian company will respond immediately.

Exactly as if you were making a normal search, Google will send, after a few seconds from when the request is started, a nice GIF and a link where users can find a map of the nearest restaurants. According to sources, the feature will work with over 200 emoji depicting food, places and other activities. So from today you will be able to query Google simply through one of the many emoticons on the social network. The innovative service for now will be tested only on Twitter, there are no indications if the feature will also land on other social networks.

How it works

The operation of the service is quite simple: you tweet to Google one of the 200 symbols covered by the feature and in the blink of an eye users will receive a response from the official account of the Californian company. The new built-in system will be able, in fact, to automatically interpret the requests. Each symbol will correspond to a place, a room or an activity. It will be interesting to understand the parameters that the service will use to make the associations between icons and information. Surely, knowing the Californian company, there will be surprises. So we just have to wait.