LookOut Charger, security camera disguised as a battery charger

LookOut Charger, at first glance, looks like an ordinary battery charger but, underneath, it has an ace up its sleeve: a high-definition "spy" camera

LookOut, manufactured by the Toronto-based Canadian company of the same name, is officially marketed as a security camera, but in reality this secret eye can also be used to spy on what your kids are up to when they're home alone or, worse yet, a cheating spouse.

This spy charger features a hidden camera with 1080p resolution and will be sold with an international plug kit. The idea is clever, but the company could have equipped its "multifunction" charger with some slightly more innovative features. For example, it doesn't have a dedicated app to install on a smartphone or computer for streaming, there's storage space - up to 32GB for top-of-the-line models - but no SD card slot, and it can't communicate with any smart-home platform currently on the market.

Goal? To go unnoticed

It's true that the Toronto-based company could have equipped its LookOut security camera, hidden in a regular charger with a more advanced feature set but, there's a reason it chose not to: it wanted to make it completely anonymous, thus, undetectable. If he had added an SD-card or other obvious clues it might have raised suspicion. He wanted as normal a charger as possible to make the security camera invisible - from any intruders or family members - unlike other surveillance systems on the market. And he also focused on simplicity of use: just plug the device into any power outlet and it will start recording immediately. Moreover, it is necessary to connect it via USB to a computer - Mac, PC or Linux - to view or download the footage.

(video taken from YouTube)

LookOut Charger expected in August

LookOut Charger has just finished its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo taking home almost 100 thousand dollars. The cheaper models have already sold out, but there is still the possibility to buy the more advanced ones starting from a price of 75 dollars. The Spyion charger will be shipped internationally starting next August.

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