Loop, the smart ring for defense and personal protection

Designed by a Colombian engineer, Loop allows you to send messages of help to friends and family simply by pressing a hidden button

The road is dangerous. Especially for women, generally the favorite victims of the attackers. Help could once again come from technology. A startup has developed a smart ring capable of launching an SOS in emergency situations.

This is a device that appearance, given the sophisticated design, looks like one of the many clothing accessories preferred by women. In reality Loop, this is the name chosen by Carlos Zamorano, the Colombian engineer who developed the idea, is much more. The device, in fact, has a hidden button that, when activated, sends messages - up to five at once - of help to friends and family. Loop's strengths are discretion and immediacy, fundamental elements in emergency situations. To finance the project, the startup has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms.

How Loop works

Loop works by integrating with the smartphone, thanks to the free application available for Android and iOS. Once downloaded, users need only enter the contacts to whom they want to deliver help messages. One click and the ring will launch the alarm. In addition to the simple text message, friends will be able to see the exact location of the person who asked for help. The text received, in fact, contains a link to a map. They will also be able to decide, via the app, whether to try to contact the victim, or call the authorities directly.

Technical Features

Let's now quickly take a look at Loop's technical and aesthetic features. The product, as seen, has a neat design. The startup's goal was to create something that was useful, but also beautiful to wear. As for, however, the internal specifications, Loop integrates Bluetooth LE, which is used to connect the device with the smartphone. It has a battery that lasts for a year, after which it can be replaced. In addition, the ring is splash resistant and built using hypoallergenic materials.

Price and release date

The startup will begin delivering the ring to the first backers starting next October, at a starting price of 99 Canadian dollars (about 66 euros, at current exchange rates).

The video in the opening is taken from Kickstarter

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