Louis Vuitton launches $5,000 iPhone case

Louis Vuitton presents a set of glamorous cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with a high price: the basic one starts at almost a thousand dollars.

If you buy one of the iPhone cases presented by Louis Vuitton, you certainly don't do it to protect your delicate smartphone. Or not only. The French house symbol of fashion, and best known for its expensive handbags, has created cases that have a peculiarity: the exaggerated price.

The set launched by Louis Vuitton includes, in fact, a series of cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that reflect the materials and the famous fantasies present on all the leather goods produced by the transalpine company. And even the cost of the covers is in perfect harmony with the other objects of the French company: it starts, according to what we learn, from about $ 1000 for the "basic" one to get up to the top one, made of gold crocodile leather, which touches $ 5,500. The iPhone cases also have a small padlock and reinforced corners. A bit like the bags and suitcases that have made Louis Vuitton one of the most famous brands in the world.

Fashion Symbols

More than a protective smartphone cover, it is above all a symbol of fashion and style. The glamorous cases from the French company are part of the "EYE-TRUNK" collection and because of the price they are aimed at a restricted market that is not within everyone's reach. This is not the first time that the smartphone sector has come up against such solutions. L’azienda britannica Vertu, alcune settimane fa, ha presentato un telefonino, realizzato con materiali premium, dal prezzo di 5000 dollari.

Ma torniamo alle cover di Louis Vuitton. Sono previsti, come detto, diversi modelli e con più colorazioni. Il set di case si rivolge sia all’uomo che alla donna. Considerano il il prezzo abbastanza elevato – la più economica costa quanto lo stesso iPhone 7 – in caso di caduta non si sa cosa sia meglio salvaguardare: la cover e lo smartphone di Apple?

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