Low-cost foldable smartphone? Samsung is thinking about it

Samsung continues to preside over the foldable smartphone market niche: low cost foldable models are also on the way.

Samsung is once again betting on foldable smartphones and, already next year, the new versions of the Z Fold and Z Flip could debut on the market, along with what could be the Galaxy Z Fold Lite. What would make the difference, in the latter case, would be the price: the new phone should in fact be affordable and suitable for most pockets.

Currently, Samsung has two foldable smartphone models on the market, namely the Galaxy Z Flip, characterized by a vertical opening, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2, with a folding opening. Both versions, however, belong to all intents and purposes to the higher price range, reaching in the case of the Z Fold 2 the 2049 euro list. Definitely a cost not indifferent, however, due not only to the technology that makes it to all intents and purposes a dual-screen phone, but also a device of all respect thanks to the technical features that distinguish it, from 5G connectivity.

Galaxy Z Fold Lite, a folding for all budgets?

With the arrival of the Galaxy Z Ford Lite, however, prices could drop significantly compared to the past. According to what was revealed by the first information leaked on the net, the budget model could boast a screen even larger than its predecessor. No changes, however, should involve the position and shape of the front camera housing.

Galaxy Z Fold Lite and the other foldables, the first information on the design

Although there is still no information on the technical characteristics of the new Galaxy Z Fold Lite, as well as the other two future models, what instead seems to be certain is that all three will be able to count on a coating of glass screen ultra thin and more flexible, thanks to a likely collaboration in place with the German company LPKF, and the folding system that provides for the position of the glass inside the fold.

Other information, according to what emerged from the report of UBI Research specializing in the OLED field, the new budget smartphone could have an external display of 4 inches and an internal one, the largest one, of 7 inches. The other two models should also count on larger displays, with an increase of 1.1 "for the Galaxy Z Flip 2, which would increase to 6.7" for the internal screen and 3 for the external and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with an internal screen of 7 "and an external 4".

Galaxy Z Fold Lite, the date of the debut

According to the first rumors, Galaxy Z Fold Lite could be presented already in the coming months, with a debut on the international market in the first three months of next year. Instead, we will have to wait longer for the other two models of the South Korean company, Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, available in all likelihood in the third quarter of 2021.