Lucifer 5, new images reveal what the new season will be like

New images of Lucifer 5 have appeared on the web: how will the TV series continue? How will be the relationship between Lucifer and his twin brother Michael?

Lucifer will be one of the most anticipated TV series of the month of August: the release of the fifth season is scheduled for August 21 and now there is very little to discover how the story will continue. To make the wait less heavy, Netflix has decided to release online new images taken from the set of the fifth season, photos that do nothing but increase the doubts of the lovers of the TV series.

In fact, the trailer released a few weeks ago showed the arrival of a new character apparently mysterious, but that eventually turned out to be the archangel Michael, Lucifer's twin brother, who in the meantime has returned to hell. It is not clear what are the intentions of the twin brother, but from the previews released in recent weeks, it would seem really convinced to take everything that Lucifer Morningstar has managed to build in his years in Los Angeles. In the images, in addition to Michael, there are also the other protagonists of the TV series, a sign that we will see them all again in the eight episodes of Lucifer 5.

Lucifer 5, what the new images tell us

New images and new doubts snake in the minds of fans of Lucifer. Is the one seen in the pictures Lucifer Morningstar or the twin Michael, descended from Heaven to take over his brother's life? All the clues, including the trailer shown in previous weeks, suggest the second hypothesis: the twin Michael seems to want to take over the life of his brother, including the most intimate affections. How will Lucifer react? But above all, when will he return from Hell? All these questions should be answered by the fifth season of the TV series.

When Lucifer 5 comes out

The release of Lucifer 5 is set for August 21, 2020. This is the first part of the fifth season, while the second one will have to wait until next year.

How to watch Lucifer streaming

To stream all the episodes of Lucifer you can use Netflix. On the streaming video platform, the first four seasons are available and the user can choose whether to watch them in the original language with subtitles, or dubbed in Italian. To watch Lucifer on Netflix you need to be a subscriber and use one of the supported devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, consoles and TV dongles.