Lucifer 5, news and info about the plot and new episodes

Netflix has released new images of Lucifer 5, anticipating also some news about the plot. Here's what's going to happen

Netflix is using a very particular strategy to promote the release of Lucifer 5, the new season of one of the most beloved TV series by users: publish images of the new episodes. As we now know the arrival of the fifth season is set for August 21 at 9:00 am, the day in which the first eight episodes of Part 1 of Lucifer Season 5 will be released. To see the rest we will have to wait until next year, with the last eight episodes that will conclude the story of the TV series (the renewal for the last part has already been made official).

The video streaming platform has released four more new images taken directly from the new episodes and show some very interesting scenes, with clues about how the story will evolve. As fans will know very well, at the end of the fourth season Lucifer Morningstar returned to hell to close some issues. And one of the main doubts is precisely when he will decide to return to Los Angeles. Where in the meantime has been replaced by his twin brother, the archangel Michael ready to steal his life and his role on Earth.

Lucifer 5, plot previews

The trailer for Lucifer 5 released by Netflix has opened many question marks that will have to be resolved. First and foremost: what does Michael want with his brother? For those who don't know, Michael is a new character who will debut in the new season of Lucifer and plays his twin brother. With the only difference that he doesn't come from Hell, but from Heaven. The character will always be played by Tom Ellis who will play the dual role of Lucifer and Michael.

Michael's goal seems to be to steal his brother's identity and ruin his life in his absence. And it is precisely Lucifer's return from Hell that will be the focal point of the TV series' fifth season. When will his return take place? Some rumors talk about the second episode, in order to better develop the whole story. Others, however, predict its arrival only for the last episode of the first part of the fifth season. 

When it comes out and how to see Lucifer 5

The release date of Lucifer 5 is set for August 21, 2020 at 9:00 am. Fans will be able to stream Lucifer 5 on Netflix by logging in with their personal profile and using any of the supported devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, consoles, USB dongles.