Lucifer 5, the Covid-19 has halted filming: what’s happening

Tom Ellis, lead actor of Lucifer 5, talked about the new season and how the Covid-19 has halted filming

As we have told in many articles published in the last period, the coronavirus has created many inconveniences to the world of cinema and TV series. The outbreak of the pandemic has forced to stop altogether or postpone the filming of dozens and dozens of new productions. And among them is also Lucifer 5. The new season of the TV series is expected on August 21, 2020, but it is only the first part. The producers, in fact, had decided to divide the season 5 in two parts, in order to create even more anticipation in the fans.

The Coronavirus, however, has blocked the production just at the best time, while it was recording the last episode of Lucifer 5. To tell it is directly Tom Ellis, the actor who plays the role of Lucifer Morningstar and from this season also Michael, the twin brother descended from Heaven. In an interview the actor told how the coronavirus suspended filming just in the best moment: a few days and the whole season would have been over. And starting shooting again with the new rules to be respected for social distancing means accumulating more delays. This means that part 2 of Lucifer 5 will almost certainly arrive later than Netflix's initial ideas.

Lucifer, season 5 will be exciting

In addition to recounting the delays caused by the pandemic outbreak, Tom Ellis let slip a few hints about the new season. The episodes will be on average longer because everyone, including the writers, thought that the fifth season was the last season and then tried to put an end to all the open stories. Actually then came the renewal for a sixth and final season (coming probably between the end of 2021 and early 2022).

On the first eight episodes of the new season of Lucifer 5 we already know a lot, thanks to the trailer released by Netflix. As we mentioned earlier there is the arrival of a new character: Michael, Lucifer Morningstar's twin brother who tries to take advantage of his brother's absence (who at the end of season four returns to Hell) to ruin his life and take his place. What will happen when Lucifer returns to Earth? And most importantly, in which episode will it happen? To give an answer to these questions all we have to do is wait for 9:00 am on August 21 when the new episodes of Lucifer 5 will be available on Netflix.