Lucifer 5: what time the second part comes out

The second part of Lucifer's fifth season is coming to Netflix. Here's where we left off, previews of the TV series but also date and time of release.

The fateful date is approaching, in a few days the second part of the fifth season of Lucifer comes out. It will absolutely not be a farewell, in fact the series has been unexpectedly extended with a sixth and final season. The new episodes are eight and will pick up exactly where the first part ended.

In the past few hours, Netflix has released a video that recounts the last minutes of the first part in order to help the audience take stock and not get lost. Then again, by now the plot has become quite articulated, especially since Lucifer Morningstar's family has come full circle to Earth, triggering conflicts, crises and struggles of various kinds. The last to appear was God himself, the father of the protagonist. Not to mention the arrival of the evil twin, identical to Lucifer and impersonated by Tom Ellis himself. In short, the second part will allow us to better understand the family dynamics. Here are the plot previews, but above all the date and time of release on Netflix.

Lucifer 5: where we were

The last episode ended with the arrival of God, who came to Earth to settle the quarrel between his children: Lucifer, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Michael, the evil twin who debuted in the fifth season. Also participating in the fight was Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), who allied herself with Michael after he promised her a soul. During the fight to the death, in the last minutes of the episode, God's voice is heard saying "That's enough, Children, I don't want you to fight."

Lucifer 5: Part 2 plot

What will the new episodes be about? As the showrunners of the series have often said, in the new chapter will play an important role both feelings and relationships in the family, including doubts and unfinished business.

Surely the arrival of God (Dennis Haysbert) has destabilized Lucifer and its balance. His entry will pose so many questions for the characters. Also, we will get to know more about the evil twin, named Michael. Tom Ellis revealed that the first two episodes are his favorites.

From the previews, we also know that there will be a musical episode and many guests coming in each episode. There will be no shortage of new additions to the cast. Among the new characters we find Rob Benedict, in the role of a mercenary followed by Chloe and the LAPD, Scott Porter who will play the detective Carol Corbett, linked to Dan's past and finally will return Inbar Lavi as Eve.

Lucifer 5B: date and time of release on Netflix

The new episodes of Lucifer will be available from 9:00 am on May 28, 2021 always on Netflix, platform that has welcomed and renewed the TV series. In the meantime, you can rewatch the old and best episodes and many TV series similar to Lucifer.