Lucifer 5: When the new season starts on Netflix

Netflix has announced the release date for Lucifer 5 and also the arrival of a sixth season. Here's everything you need to know

Lucifer is ready to return and he's going to do it in a big way. The TV series now in its fourth season, is ready to return with the first part of the fifth season, scheduled for August 21, 2020. But the news doesn't end there, because a few weeks ago it was announced the renewal for the sixth and final season of Lucifer. Fans, therefore, will be able to enjoy at least another twenty episodes starring Tom Ellis and his Lucifer.

The outbreak of the pandemic did not affect much on the release date of the first part of Lucifer 5: the filming was essentially completed and lacked only the post-production work that can also be done in smart working. For this reason, the release of the TV series has not been delayed, which is what happened to other Netflix original content, such as Suburra 3. For the fifth season of Lucifer, fans of the TV series should expect big twists that will make them happy.

Lucifer 5: previews

There are no big previews about the fifth season of Lucifer 5. The TV series should always be set in the city of Los Angeles and the main character will always be Lucifer. Some small anticipation comes from the protagonists of the TV series, who in an interview with AssignementX have leaked something about the fifth season and the finale of Lucifer.

The writers have thought of a series of events that will make fans of the TV series very happy: "What you're going to see is a love letter to the TV series". These are the words used to comment on the plot of Lucifer 5.

When Lucifer 5 comes out on Netflix

For a TV series that was supposed to end at season three to have made it to season five and a future sixth is a great goal. The fifth season of Lucifer will be split into a first and second part, both eight episodes long. The first part of Lucifer 5 is scheduled for August 21, 2020, while the second part will take 2021.

How to review Lucifer streaming

While waiting for the fifth season, you can use this time period to review all Lucifer episodes. To do so, just log into Netflix (you need to be a subscriber), use one of the supported devices and search for Lucifer. The TV series banner will appear and clicking on it will show you all the episodes. Just choose one of them to watch Lucifer in streaming.