Lucifer 6: Tom Ellis’ revelations about the finale

On September 10, the sixth season of the devil Lucifer Moningstar will be online: what awaits us in the finale? Let's find out with the protagonists

On September 10 will be released on the Netflix platform the new season of Lucifer, the final chapter in which we will admire, for the last time in the shoes of the most eclectic devil ever Tom Ellis and co-star Lauren German who will dress again those of the angelic detective, God's gift to Lucy.

Netflix has had the merit of saving Lucifer from cancellation, scheduled a few seasons ago, by Fox and has made Tom Ellis, after several guest star roles, the true star of the series, loved and known worldwide. On September 10 the show closes its doors and the story, between Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker, after ups and downs inevitably comes to an end. The two have recently told the microphones of TVLine revealing a little 'what we will see in the last episodes. For the first time their characters will get along and team up. This isn't the first time that there has been talk of a series finale for Lucifer, but this really seems to be the decisive one.

Lucifer 6: Tom and Lauren's previews

In this series finale, the back-and-forth between Chloe and Lucifer won't be happening as both performers recently confirmed. The game between the two has been really enjoyed during the previous seasons, making the love story between the devil and the angel, detective Chloe, dream for numerous episodes. This time they won't fight and instead will be a true team.

The farewell, because this time there won't be a Lucifer 7, will be according to Tom and Lauren a mix with a bittersweet taste. Ellis hopes fans will get so excited that they'll run out of tissues, because after all, the series' loyalists will finally get what they've been waiting for for years. These anticipations fuel the great curiosity that will carry fans through September 10.

Ellis and Lucifer

Tom Ellis fell in love with Lucifer Moriningstar, right from the third page of the script. Tom declared his amazement when he learned at the beginning of filming that Hollywood Boulevard would be closed for five nights in a row to shoot scenes from Lucifer. He knew immediately that something big was going to happen.

Lauren, on the other hand, remembers with pleasure when fans literally mobilized on social networks to avoid the cancellation of the series by Fox, putting pressure on Netflix to buy the rights to the series. The fans were nothing short of incredible and neither she nor Tom ever expected such a popular uprising and mobilization. To this day they are extremely grateful for this warm and loving gesture of trust in them.

The countdown to season six has long since begun but before the final goodbye to Lucifer, Chloe and the other characters, let's review the best episodes of this amazing TV series.

The appointment on Netflix is for next September 10.